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De facto judges, CPS and APS workers are operating a state sanctioned kidnaping racket [RICO]. These predators operating under the color of law are kidnaping our children and seniors for money. They demoralize and destroy the developing mind of our children during their most tender years and our vulnerable parents during their twilight years turning the beginning and end of their lives into nightmares, leaving shattered and distraught families in their wake.

Because our elected and appointed servants refuse to protect and champion our most precious and hallowed resource, our children, We the People through the Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury will champion this holy cause with a relentless determination to bring justice upon these wicked stewards. We Promise!

"Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate." Governor of the Universe. Psa 127:3-5



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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Orange County (CA) Child Protective Services Alleges Unwarranted Seizure of Thousands of Children
Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Orange County (CA) Child Protective Services Alleges Unwarranted Seizure of Thousands of Children

Today, the Law Office of Shawn A. McMillan has filed a class action lawsuit against Orange County Child Protective Services alleging that the agency has seized more than 5,000 children without obtaining warrants as required under the 4th and 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution.

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Why sir, are you so negative about this CPS issue? I'm sure the NLA knows what they are doing and have methods to bypass being held hostage by filing fees. And for you to assume a grandparent would allow a grandchild to be abused is ludicrous, unfounded and your OPINION. Please keep it to yourself.

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I want to help my daughter get her kids back but I'm confused on the paperwork. The last page that says NLA will be her common law POA, and get a 10% fee. What if NLA is not successful. Will we still owe any money to NLA if they spend months trying to do this and the court still won't budge?

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Wow! just read the grandmother case from South Dakota. Thanks to Jim for the description of the event involving his mother. I'm in my sixties was in training to re-enter job market. The "powers" used the same type of overwhelming violations by the courts and authorities to violate my rights...no one to go to for help and nearly every attempt and/or contact is invalidated. I've been stonewalled and don't even know what has happened, what hearings, what charges or what was said and determined in legal hearings behind my back. People were "representing" me without my knowledge in hearing and litigation etc all is denied and covered up. The attorneys and upper level court system of the state ( the Kansas judge I appealed to regarding my district did not reply and has since been appointed to federal appeals court) and even my church have helped in the disempowerment and trespass all done for "Common good."
Some quotes: "Judge really goofed. They all go in and say anything they want. Judge knows they're lying and says ""justice is served."" I can get virtually no information. Now things seem at an impasse and four years of my life taken. I don't know what has happened. Hearings were kept without record and perhaps some documents were lost or destroyed. Genuinely psych torture and no relief in sight. Long-time friends, family and "respectable" institutions even a person of fame and fortune with relatives here ....are involved in this trespass abuse. I"ve been in my own home all the time but never any admission of any of this from the perpetrators or anyone else, really. Seems like the "communitarianism" that Rosa Koire talks about or the Boy in prologue to Matthew Kelly's "Rediscovering Catholicism" i.e.pagan sacrifice without permission and against free will....blasphemies several........ Re-write history and pretend I'm "imagining" Quite a bit of this legal abuse going on in Kansas where I live and usually involves defamations and slanders and simply not right reason and not rule of law.

Best to Velva and Jim. Thanks so very much for sharing. Hope you recover. With the vulnerability, isolation, and brutality this sometimes seems mortal.

ahh the predators are out..... Hell is opened................gloss over... go on with your life/..nothing has happened............

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I have been reading/listening to what I believe are contradictory reports/stories from NLA on this topic and I am interested in the truth of what this class action is really about. Is the suit against CPS: a) for not doing their job, or b) for overreaching in their job? Or, perhaps c) both? Secondly, is the class action only for foster and adopted children or does it apply also to blood-related children? It is difficult to ascertain the direction NLA is really going with this topic and thank you in advance for clearing up my confusion; I look forward to your reply. Sincerely,

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This 63 page power point/article, listed above, released today. Page 18 references CPS. Vaccines are disabling entire generations of emerging humanity. Help us, the children cry out!

Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbot
(CNN)Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children can lose up to $11,000 of welfare benefits a year under a new government policy, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced.Under the new “no jab, no pay” policy, the exemption as a conscientious objector will be removed starting January 2016. No benefits or child support for those who receive medical or religious waivers.
VLA Comment: There is a video on the link above of Tony Abbot. You have got to hear this from his very own mouth. Do you think the over $56 Million dollars from Bill Gates made a difference? Let's try this on the Australians first...as a control management drill...just like these 110 vaccine bills in the legislatures across the nation. Wait til you see the vaccine tsunami after the election...from either party. The rabbit hole and control goes beyond the parties, beyond the nation. Who is calling the world wide compulsory vaccine shots and debilitating the emerging generations of mankind?
Watch our 5 minute powerpoint presentation:
Use this powerful, factual, emotional, spiritual, scientific powerpoint presentation at the library; friends; family, legislators, etc.

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There is a movie out about shaken baby syndrome it is now playing at independent film festivals. It's called, The Syndrome. I don't know when it will be available to see but they have a facebook page.

The Burns family in Michigan is also going on Dr. Phil to expose this wrong.

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My phone # is (949) 205-8189 I am on board and already driving this ship! This is such an answer to prayer!