Common Law Maxims and Quotes


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I am grateful for John and all who are making this possible. I have learned so much since I have joined NLA.
I am spreading this good news to everyone including our sheriffs. I have given one of the sheriff John's book in the presence of 2 others, one sheriff asked, can he have a book too? I told him I will order up more and drop by the court house soon. I have been referring people to NLA's website and told them to donate to this worthy cause and learn the Constitution the Law of the Land.
You all are in our prayers for your strength and protection. I am confident that our God will come through for us if we do not give up on Him.
Thank you again for all your time and passion in helping educate us all.
Asulu Williams

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... and Well for every 'State' AND the Union   ---   but it, being ENACTED by the Lefislative authorities is Encryped (CODE-ified) as ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE ACT(s)   !!!
EVERY A.P.A. has a clause providing that when an "Administrative Record" is Final (JUDGMENT), no reviewing authority may look outside the Record for Evidence   ...
To date, I've only received ONE "Response" to all (several) the APA /COMMON-LAW Proceedings I've done, a letter (no evidence) stating that THE ATTORNEY GENERAL IS  NOT PUTTING ANYTHING IN THE RECORD AND THE ACTION IS CLOSED, by the Attorney General of "State of Washington".
If you want to see the ENTIRE APA & Common-Law procedure in shorter form, Read JESUS Words published as Matthew 18: 15-18   !!!