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This comes from a lecture from Colonel Douglas MacGregor.  What do YOU think?

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Mary Otto-Chang HBA, MES, PhD (Candidate)

In the words of American Researcher and Author, James Roguski, who has studied the many thousands of pages of information from official sources regarding the WHO Pandemic Treaty,

It’s a fancy, corrupt, trade-deal. Think Mafia. Think organized crime. Think money laundering. “

With the Globalist-owned narratives misrepresenting this, lying about that, and all the while, distracting the masses with one thing after another, one cannot be blamed, should one not understand what is truly going on. Similar things occur, even in the cool, grey halls of the Geneva-based World Health Organization, where a maze of long, boring policy processes and documents shield even their own staff, not to mention the general public, from their truthful agendas. Even the vast majority of the alternative media, missed key points and got distracted by things which- although worrisome - are diversions from the devised critical infrastructure engineering the show.

Preparedness Treaty – Trade Deal – Same thing and Yes, preparedness for the regular cash cows it creates and shares amongst its VIP club members. No need for lawyering up, seeing as the WHO and many of its main tentacles enjoy duty-free, red-carpeted, legally untouchable, Diplomatic Status within the circle of Registered International Organizations with the Swiss Government.1 And no matter what stunts they pull off, at least thus far, - stunts which are in fact Crimes Against Humanity, - the legacy media continues to condone them and to assist in their deceit, as the perpetrators continue on freely. Unlike the board game, in real life, the lead gangsters, do not go to jail, but they do pass Go, and they do collect 200 (million or billion) dollars. And We, The People, are letting it happen and - as salt on a wound - we also pay for it.

Primarily the Treaty is a Trade Deal, where simplistically, the WHO will have the power to say what is, and is not, a pandemic. They also now have the power of the Scribe as they can change definitions of words and terms when they wish. Then if the national leaders are corrupt, they will agree and call a Lock Down. New pathogens will have been developed in their lab network and then new (biased) tests, along with dubious high profit vaccines and remedies will be created and sold to the same compromised governments, with donor money buying for many in the poor nations. Eventually poorer countries will work towards “capacity development” and manufacturing themselves under guidance from the WHO thus upping their national kickbacks at the same time. Everyone gets a piece of the pie.

Between “informal” meetings and cocktail party handshakes, the Globalists influenced WHO leaders have Plan B’s and Plan C’s up their sleeves in waiting too, so if one thing does not go their way, then they will purposefully make vague and lacking any agreed upon frameworks and then later on, when people are generally looking elsewhere, they will in semi-stealth “update” them and “amend” them by their internal, and far less formal, mechanisms.

There are real threats to some areas such as International Travel, such as random selection of who should and should not be quarantined – a word now also misused, as a quarantine is for someone ill. At the same time, the threat of the WHO Treaty to your sovereignty, lies not in Geneva –but rather is held by your government representative who is in on the take, and this is likely in your own town, and definitely lurking about in your State Legislative Assembly and creeping about the White House.

What to do?

The WHO does NOT have the POWER to do anything without agreement of your government leaders.

First understand that the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and the UN Agency, the WHO, never had any authority to do intervene in your body, your family, community, city, county, state or country. They never did and do not now.

It is the corruption and compromise of your government representatives and employees, and all people, private sector and otherwise, who are benefitting from, or taking part in, this vulturous feast of human misery, who are to blame.

Replace Local Governance with Honest and Just People through Involvement and Elections

There is no choice at this point, except to become as involved as possible in all things government and government supported. Although it is not an easy journey, we have to stand up to - and eventually replace - all of the current government representatives, until those are elected who place their first allegiance to the American Constitution and Bill of Rights, and respect the majority rule of their constituents, whom they serve and represent.

Support US Congress House Bill 79 - The WHO Withdrawal Act

The WHO Withdrawal Act was introduced in September 2023.2 This bill requires the President to immediately withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO) and prohibits using any federal funds to provide for U.S. participation in the WHO. The bill also repeals the 1948 act authorizing the United States to join the WHO.

Support this House Bill, the many Representatives who support it,3 and all efforts which work to remove any and all involvement with the WHO.

James Roguski notes that over 55 members of the House of Representatives have already signed on as co-sponsors of HB 79. James’ key message today is.

You are encouraged to contact their offices to thank them, and encourage them to go beyond just co-sponsoring the legislation. We need our allies in Congress to speak out about their anti-globalist position of exiting the WHO. https://ExitTheWHO.com

People are also encouraged to reach out to all 100 Senators to encourage them to copy HB 79 and submit it as companion legislation in the Senate.


The negotiations regarding proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and a new "Pandemic Agreement" are continuing to be held in secret. Read the latest documents here:


America does not want the Big Pharma Kickback King at our door, nor do Americans want the snake oils he is peddling. As for those prescribing “WHO Reform”, well those days are long gone.

We need a new system. That new system is you.

Be the Government you want.

After all, you are America.

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