DISCLAIMER: - WE ARE NOT PART OF THE SOVEREIGN CITIZENS MOVEMENT We do not endorse or entertain the fiction such as bills of exchange, redeeming and/or discharging through trust accounts; nor do we involve ourselves with contracts, commercial liens and the exchanging of an oath of office for a value. We do not encourage or teach people to write declarations, drive without driver's licenses, revoke their voters application, revoke their birth certificate or their social security numbers. We do not support self-appointed judges and international courts. The power of the Grand Jury is to write true bills of indictment, true bills of presentments, true bills of information and file them in Article III Courts and other Constitutional courts.

National Liberty Alliance (NLA) was founded on Christian principles. Through much research we discovered that in fact most of our founding fathers were pious Godly men practicing the principles of the Bible. We also discovered that Common Law was established about 1450BC by God Himself and blessed ancient Israel (Interpreted in the Bible as the Son of God, Exodus 4: 22-23) with His law. As William Penn put it "Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants." It was Thomas Jefferson who rediscovered the roots of Common Law and a government ruled by God through Gods People. From that discovery we have the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution for the United States of America and the Bill of Rights which are common law documents. Our founders were in one accord on this issue and it was upon this foundation that America was built.

Our research that proves these facts can be found in the following books, to name a few: The Real Thomas Jefferson by Andrew M. Allison, The Real George Washington by Jay A Parry and Andrew M. Allison, The Real Benjamin Franklin by Andrew M. Allison, 5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen, The Making of America by W. Cleon Skousen (these books can be found at www.NCCS.net), Excellence of the Common Law by Brent Winters (found at www.CommonLawyer.com), and the Holy Bible by God the creator of the universe.

With this knowledge and the principles of Honor, Justice and Mercy and by God’s mercy NLA was formed declaring that "Only the People can Save America" and teaching that We the People have lost our way and we need to rediscover that way through education and the guidance of His Word and His mercy. Thomas Jefferson said: "If a People expect to be ignorant and free they expect what never was and never will be".

Holding the aforesaid principles and teachings, coupled with the determination of the “powers that be” it is no surprise to We the People of NLA that we would be assaulted and great efforts would be taken to subvert our cause and say all manner of evil against us (Matthew 5:10-12). Therefore we pay no heed and stand on our reputation, our work, our words and time will prove us. Therefore we hold the position that Jefferson took which is to ignore the verbal assaults. For, responding to their lies and half-truths only serves as a platform for their embellishment. With that said there are a few exceptions one being that when these people use NLA’s success to empower themselves to a degree where the uninformed mistake NLA to their subversion against the United States of America and thereby put our members at risk we must respond and correct the record and when members of NLA plan and execute a coup we must reveal it to our membership so that they are not confused, that is the purpose of this page.

  • DISCLAIMER 02-18-16 - NLA RESPONSE TO ARTICLE TITLED: “Me and the NLA by Anna Von Reitz” written by John Darash, one of the founders of National Liberty Alliance, Response_to_Anna_Von_Reitz.pdf

John Darash

Founding Member


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Hello. I am trying to figure this all out. Both myself and my parents have completed the paperwork to come home to land and soil by claiming our birth name and I guess we are now American Nationals. Have we put ourselves in danger? We have not signed any member agreements or contracts of any kind nor will do anything else until I fully understand any and all implications of our actions. I did not come across this site until after completing that process but last night found a page by a previous Assembly Member that showed great concern to me regarding the need to understand "Jural Assemblies".  The person adamently terminates any prior support towards formation of Jural Assembly and urges readers to understand how supporting such can implicate them in a negative way. I am seriously concerned of how claiming our birthright name may have jeopardized myself and my parents. If anybody can set my mind at ease, I would sincerely appreciate it. 

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Hi, the NLA simply educate Americans on existing common law and civil law operations. I'm guessing when you say "paperwork to come home to land and soil by claiming our birth name" you are referring to your LIVE-LIFE CLAIM or you obtined an EIN for the ALL CAPS NAME on your birth certificate. Either way the NLA does not advise on these matters. TJ Mars at https://YouAreLaw.org who interviewed John Darash in the past specializes in such matters. Brent Allan Wintrers at http://CommonLawyer.com might know too but I've never heard him mention it.

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i claimed my name through the assembly. That was before I found you guys. Unfortunately i just figured out one way it may hurt you by doing that and I need to find someone knowledgable about it. Here is the problem that I figured out today in case it can help anyone. When you claim your birthright name and prove that you are indeed a living person on land and soil instead of lost at sea (maritime law) which is what the two fraudulent incorporated UNITED STATES and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA function through you are in essence saying that you are an American National or an American Citizen and not a Citizen of the UNITED STATES. So basically you've left the jurisdiction of Maritme Law (England) and returned home to your birthright. Here's a glitch. We should all protect ourselves and keep our property and family safe. When you purchase a gun to protect yourself you must fill out a form online that asks you if you've ever changed your status from an American Citizen. If you have sent your papers to the government or the IRS, you may show up as having expatriated from the two incorporated United States. I do not know but if claiming your name and declaring you are alive and well stops you from being able to arm yourself for protection, it could harm you instead of help you. The state coordinator that received my papers is not answering my questions and I am very leary about what has happened to my families very precious documents. i will email those two people that you suggested. This is an FYI for anyone in the same boat or those considering to complete those papers through the assembly. These actions may be harmless but if they interfere with your safety, it may be bad 

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I have just finished reading Anna von Reiz reply and I have to say that I am not educated enough to know whether what she states is correct. Perhaps we need to look into the "Michigan General Jural Society formed over twenty years ago and organized the
unincorporated State of Michigan and continues to properly operate the County and
State Jural Societies to this day. Their members, unlike yours, have properly
declared their political status and settled their counties on the land and taken their
Jural Oaths." I think that we need to have a serious discussion about terminology also because the words used have a certain connotations i.e "NOT "sovereign citizens"---- that
is an oxymoron, for one cannot act as a sovereign and a citizen at the same time nor
in the same jurisdiction, but sovereign on the land jurisdiction of this country nonetheless." and this is a major point . "And if the county level Grand Juries are not
properly seated and composed of people who have reclaimed and reconveyed their
names and estates to the land jurisdiction and organized Jural Societies and taken
their Jural Oaths---- then obviously, any state level Grand Juries are not validly
composed, either, and neither would a national level Grand Jury resulting from a
promulgation of smaller errors be valid." I may be wrong but I think this issue warrens a discussion John and Bernard. We are all trying our best and at the same time if by lack of background knowledge we have been really not quite on the right track we better fix it now. I do think everyone on the committees should read her answer to John so what she poses can be validated or ignored. Or some of it validated if it is useful. I think in the end we are about doing what is the right thing at this critical time, and not "be know it all's" and do things just because this is what we know. this is definitely a time to put our egos out of the way and do things for the greater good of all. Food for thought. Continued Wisdom, Love and Light

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I live in Michihan and know of this group. I would not bother as they are not new to NLA information banks.

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I live in Michigan and I am very aware of the several Common Law Grand Jury groups, including this one. Anna stated that this group exists, and she was right, she said that they have been in operation for 20+ years and she is right (depending on your definition of operartion), she also stated that the local governments leave this group alone and she was right about this too......but.....not really for the reason that Anna implies. The local governments find them benign. They let them travel without licenses, but God be with'em if they drive outside their county.

To give you a clear idea of who they base themselves on...it will surprise you...Judge Dale. Yes, Judge Dale, and all the fiction and all the BS to go with it. Actually, Anna passed them up on the use of Fiction, and if this is what someone wants then go for it.

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Thank you Gary for clarifying, I had a feeling, but not knowing enough I just wanted to inform myself. Have they ever had a Grand Jury trial? I doubt it. Blessings.

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The only thing you did not address is Anna posting one of our documents on her site #49 our Writ of Quo Warranto http://www.annavonreitz.com/. Glad to clarify the whole thing. I have read a great deal of her writings, they are very educational and informative. Is everything of the historic information she writes true? I hope so. It definitely allows us to see the "government" in a different light. So when we talk about not overturning the "GOVERNMENT' which one are we speaking about.? According to the latest corporate entity UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. or something to that effect, that is a corporation, and we have been managed by corporations ever since 1871 when we lost our congressional quorum when the South walked out of Congress, forcing Lincoln to Incorporate, and the "congress" become a board of directors. Re writing the Constitution, and during the Civil War establishing Marshal Law that was never rescinded, and continues to be renewed even today by that fake congress. So we have not had a Constitutional government 140 years so what government are we actually overthrowing John? That is the tricky question. And when we file our papers with the Federal Court that is a fictional Maritime Law entity of a fictional government of a corporation who are we addressing? It is a conundrum, and re establishing our Republic based on the original Constitution is really what it is all about. Don't mean to make waves , just pose provocative thoughts. They are important because of the present situation, and the global situation. Much Wisdom Love and Light to all.

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When I was a kid there was a ventriloquist on a variety show, I don’t remember which, and he would use his dummy to ingeniously engage the audience. It had eyebrows that would move, its eyes could blink independently, and it could tilt its head. It took on incredible simulations of human behaviors and even demonstrated human realistic mannerisms, to the point that it SEEMED the dummy was acting on its own. Eventually the audience no longer saw the ventriloquist, but only the dummy, and completely transfers to the audience a belief the dummy is for real.

Anna has mimicked John for so long, actually emulating our Common Law Grand Jury idea, uses our seals, and copies our documents, and in John’s failure to retort as the true ventriloquist, has transferred ALL NLA originality stolen by Anna, the dummy in this case. So my question for you is a good one:

When the show is over, and the audience is clapping, who are they clapping for, the ventriloquist or the dummy?

In this case, the Dummy wants to race ahead, strike out on its own, with its own interpretations, which are actually corruptions of the ventriloquist’s plan. The ventriloquist (John) wants to stay our course which does not give the dummy any original life or independent credibility. John used his response to figuratively raise his hands as the ventriloquist and demonstrate that it is NOT his hands controlling this dummy, and that he does not approve of what Anna, the dummy, is doing and wants to duly warn you.

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That's an excellent analogy, Jan. I don't know how it could have been said better.

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I believe I have been deceived by Anna von Rietz.

And I do apologize and beg forgiveness.

I also have posted many of her writings and now feel foolish.

I must admit that I thought I was starting to understand her positions as valid? And also thought she was working with the NLA?


I filed  a letter 1-30-15 to the IRS referencing 26USC6013 invoking my Common Law Rights preserved by UCC 1-308 And  1-106.6 Stated in 26USC 6013 now serve any further presumption and or relationship with the IRS and or Internal Revenue Service and now revoke election to pa yeas of June 30th 1973

Signed in red {Name Omitted} finger printed in red  under which non-negotiable autograph,under seal and in service,all rights reserved /with family Coat of Arms/ Notarized sent register read receipt mail to {Address omitted}

I believe it was an Anna letter? Am I in any danger of arrest?

NLA Answer to this member:

I am mistaken and have to ammend my recommendation to you:

I just spoke with John and Gerard, with another expert visiting on our call, and I brought up your issue. It came highly recommended that you need to send a letter to the IRS and rescind your letter filed to them. If you have further question please let me know.

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I am writing in regards to Anna Von Reitz. I also posted some things about her. I read what others on this site say about her, and I would say I would have to agree with what was written about her. This hasn't Sat with me very well for a little while now. I have prayed for forgiveness, and protection. My maker shows me exactly what scriptures I need to read, also. Anyway, is there anything I need to further this remedy? I am sorry if I indirectly undermined this group, also......if I did

gary@NLA's picture

There has been mixed reaction to this response from John to Anna. A majority are grateful that after about 2 years John has finally responded and provided retort for each of her claims. Some felt that our silence validated these negative and inflammatory accusations. 

First, thank you for the massive support. Second, this is the FIRST response to any blandishment leveled by Anna’s movement against John personally or the NLA plan as a whole.

I would like to answer to some questions in the responses.

1.       This is NOT only about Anna, but who and what she represents. The concepts of her movement are a significant departure from the NLA Plan, and a dangerous one also. John has clearly and concisely explained these deviations in his response to Anna. For example:

a.       There are no judges in a common law court

b.      It is not necessary to rewrite the constitution to restore the republic. We simply need to follow it.

c.       We will not participate in creating a shadow government, electing Governors, Presidents, Sheriffs, Judges, etc….

No one has been arrested in the performance of NLA duties and we plan on keeping it that way.

trefarmerh's picture

John. I hope that you do read this after I email it to you in an attachment for it will be too long for the comment section. I have used my investigative skills to break down each paragraph of Anna's article. I numbered each paragraph for reference. Here is my comments on paragraph #15. "Very misleading for it is NOT the job of the CLGJ's, of 25, to investigate anything. It is the job of the four Administrators to do the boots on the ground investigations and to submit the findings to the CLGJ's for a presentment or indictment of an individual (s) if the four can not make that decision. I should also add that once an indictment is thought, the party in question will then be granted the right to a petit trial jury of 12". I will try to get the full report by Monday.

gary@NLA's picture

Your reading her slam against NLA, and John's reply to her and you pull out these interesting facts. You are a cut above. On the other hand we have some that just read Anna, see John's title of response to Anna, and in "Faith" to Anna, shut their eyes and cover their ears and shout nah nah nah to dround out the truth as it gets in the way of their desire ot follow Anna. I have to admit, when I first read her I was enamoured. It was later that I realized that she is artful in disseminating commonly known information, but it is her conclusions and remedies I walked away from as I already went that route. I almost lost my house, and likel my job would have followed, and my family thereafter, until I saw the light. The NLA light and I am not looking back.

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I can't seem to find where or when congress passed this code. Is there any record of congress being in session when these codes were passed?

sharonrita's picture

codes were voted for by the house but against by the senate and were not passed. I learned this from rod class' investigations into the statutes at large. codes are not law.

Fourth Branch's picture

Codes are the law for those to whom they apply.

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"All codes, rules, and regulations are for government authorities only, not human/Creators in accordance with God's laws. All codes, rules, and regulations are unconstitutional and lacking due process…" -- Rodriques v. Ray Donavan (U.S. Department of Labor) 769 F. 2d 1344, 1348 (1985)

“The common law is the real law, the Supreme Law of the land, the code, rules, regulations, policy and statutes are “not the law”, -- Self v. Rhay, 61 Wn (2d) 261

Just for those still being educated.

Fourth Branch's picture

Most Codes/Statutes apply to the Officers of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches. However, Codes and Statutes can also apply to the People when such laws are made that are "necessary and Proper for carrying into execution the foregoing enumerated powers" per Article I Section VIII Clause XVIII of the U.S. Constitution.

karol424's picture

So glad to see a response. Am not sure how one can declare themselves a judge! God bless!

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and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.-Declaration of Independence
This is all Anna needed to see to give her the right to do what she has done,... however getting the consent of the governed is another matter altogether.
That is where we the NLA come into fruition. To aquire that hard fought 'consent of the governed'

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Mr. Darash,
I too use a pseudonym and for obvious reasons. In spite of what might seem an attack, it will settle much in the minds of those who feel this organization is the direction for this nation and any questions that might arise concerning these attacks.
Ms. Von Reitz is jealous. And that is my take on her.
She can't get her wings ready to fly and the next best thing is to try and clip someone else's.
Truth will out.
It must, our nation hangs in the balance.