Thomas Jefferson said only an enlightened people are the safe depository of power for the proper functioning of a republic and that the whole mass should be educated and informed because they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.

Jefferson is one of National Liberty Alliance’s favorite mentors and therefore the purpose of NLA is to educate, organize, and empower “The People” at the grass roots level so that “The People”, not NLA and certainly not me, can save America, although I am one of those People. There is no short cut, there is no other way, regardless of what anyone says.

We have been researching the political and judicial realms since the spring of 2008, and NLA is the fruit of that labor founded in the late Spring of 2013. We started off with the name New York Committeemen, and then changed it to National Liberty Alliance when the people of other states drafted us into this movement. We had no intentions of going national, it was our hope to be successful in NY and other people in other states might follow our lead.

Jefferson founded the University of Virginia, which he established in 1819 as a secular institution after he left the presidency he believed that libraries and books were so integral to individual and institutional education that he designed the university around its library.

NLA was inspired by Jefferson’s endeavor and has done its best to bring a well rounded balanced self-educating web site and our Mission Statement makes clear our intentions. We are not aware of another website like ours.

We offer:

  • American History lectures
  • Constitution classes
  • Bible studies
  • Common Law lectures
  • We have the 5000 year leap and Lysander Spooner's “Trial by Jury” on audio and pdf.
  • We have links to scores of Law Libraries
  • We have all the founding Documents
  • Biographies
  • Roberts Rules and much more;
  • We have all the Great Works - Jefferson’s beloved classical education
  • We, have the complete “Road to the Continental Congress 2009 in video
  • We have most if not all of G. Edward Griffin’s documentaries;
  • We have extensive research on money, survival, poisons, health issues, JFK, and more;
  • We found no course on how to access our courts so we wrote our own and give it away for free;
  • We have posted many of our own cases among them two land mark cases that we argued.;
  • We have written many papers to educate and guide people such as: State plan, National plan, Administrators Duties, Extraordinary Remedies, Grand Jury enforcement, Grand Jury Handbook, We the People -v- the 14th Amendment, Without an unfettered jury there can be no Liberty, to name a few.
  • We provide lists of State Coordinators and County Organizers with phone numbers so that people can work together in their endeavor for justice.
  • We provide national and state forums, message boards and calendars.
  • We are on Blog Talk Radio every Monday night where we discuss all the aforementioned things. In our first hour we give updates and endeavor to teach something new. And our 2nd and 3rd hour is an open forum where we answer any question no matter how difficult we put it all out there, we have nothing to hide. If “na-sayers” have something to say we listen and respond. We treat everyone with respect, even those who don’t deserve it

We have a foundation built by “God”, that we express daily in “His” words - HONOR, JUSTICE, & MERCY. We wrote a Jurist Oath and Constitution and we wrote a Declaration with authorities that we are filing in every county records department and every common law court upon every constituted jury administration, for the education of the people and a memorial for the unalienable rights of the People.

NLA steadfastly believes “True Liberty requires a spiritually mature People to be free and independent”, and we pray that, that is what we are building up. The only place NLA is leading people is back to God and their heritage, and I pray unceasingly that we by his mercy be found worthy of his blessings of Liberty again, and if not, “so help us God”.

In conclusion I would like to thank Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin for leading us down the path of Justice and Liberty. And most of all I would like to thank the Lord for the insight he has given me without which I would have been too blind to see.

John Darash

Founding Member