Jury Administrator Accreditation Course

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For all quizzes in this course you must check all answers at the end of each Chapter before proceeding and you must get 100% before finishing each Chapter and proceed to the next Chapter. You may leave this course and resume at your leisure where you left off when you return. When you do not answer 100% the correct answers will prepopulate from the last result.

This course is an “Accredited Course” to qualify People for the paid career position of “Jury Administrator.” We encourage everyone to take this course whether you are considering taking the career position or not. There are about 15,700 positions to be filled nationwide. These positions do not require People to live in the county they are working in.

These are very sensitive positions and require that People filling these positions act with a “High Sense of Honor and Justice.” Each county must have five Jury Administrators, one of which is a Paralegal. Some highly populated counties will require more than five. The five Jury Administrators will be responsible for monitoring themselves to assure that they proceed in all their actions with a sense of “Honor, Justice, and Mercy” and therefore are expected to correct each other when necessary. If majority agree that one is not honoring said standard and refuses to correct their error, then the majority may dismiss the person violating the standard and seek to fill the vacancy. The individual being dismissed may appeal to the “County Committee of Safety Judiciary Committee” who will make the final decision for dismissal and or correction. If any one Administrator feels that another Administrator(s) act with impropriety and cannot get a consensus with the others, said Administrator may bring the issue to the “County Committee of Safety Judiciary Committee” whose decision of the matter will be final.

This course will not be an easy course to pass but perseverance and the completion of all the prerequisite courses and handbooks listed below will assist in easing the difficulty of this course by acquainting you with most of the subject matter within this course, before endevoring to proceed. But as Samuel Adams said, "If ever the Time should come when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government, our Country will stand in need of its experienced Patriots to prevent its Ruin." These courses will indeed meet the requirements of such a patriot.

The following lists of courses are prerequisites for all People interested in filling vacancies for the paid career position of “Jury Administrators,” we suggest the following order.

1) Foundation Course

2) Civics Course

3) Introduction to the Constitution Course

4) Government by Consent Course

5) Militia Course

6) Jury Administrators Course (this course)

Everyone should have a "FREE" copy of the “Jurist Handbook,” County COS Handbook, County COS Committee Handbook, and purchase the book “Government by Consent.”

After completing all of the aforesaid courses and upon request a document of certification will be issued. Certification is required to fill said positions. Positions may be filled by people in the process of taking these courses and will be on probation and receive a reduced salary until the required courses are completed. The probation period is six months at which time certification must be achieved. If certification is not achieved in the allotted time and another certified individual is available to fill the position the person who failed to meet the requirements will be replaced. This person may continue towards certification and fill a position in another county when they become qualified. If no one is available to fill the vacancy the “County Committee of Safety Judiciary Committee” may grant the individual another 30 days to complete their certification and then review the situation at the end of the 30 days.

The “County Committee of Safety Judiciary Committee” is responsible for filling “Jury Administrators” vacancies with “NLA Certified Individuals” whenever there is a vacancy. These “Jury Administrators” will work together in every county to restore the Law of the Land by resurrecting common law and common law rules in our courts. This “Judiciary Committee” will be responsible to confirm that “Jury Administrators” are certified. The “Judiciary Committee” is responsible for assisting People with problems with bureaucrats or legal matters that the “General Committee” is unable to solve and refer them to the Jury Administrators for Justice if necessary.

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