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Welcome, this study is designed to be interesting, easy to understand, and presented in a way that will be exciting and educational for everyone from a ten-year-old to an adult. All ages will benefit and obtain information that they either never received because of a defunct education system, or have forgotten. Everyone will benefit by having an action plan to take back our Republic.

America is a great nation with an extraordinary past. America’s founding principles—in addition to the stories of her trials, tribulations and triumphs in pursuit of them—have helped to unite Americans for nearly 250 years.

However, there is a growing movement to undermine these principles and fundamentally transform America. Its goal is to destroy the history of this country and all memories of the past by removing and destroying monuments, re-writing history, and dividing Americans into identity groups that will sever our patriotic attachments to our country and its founding principles. Today we are watching our freedoms erode in every facet of our lives, from our health choices, to our children’s schooling, to our food and eco-systems. We are truly living in unprecedented times, and there is an urgent need for us to come together and strengthen our communities with inspired action.

People today are looking for heightened commitment, information, compassionate engagement, and actionable processes. We want to awaken uncensored awareness of the most critical local and global issues that we face today. Your community needs you.

One of the best ways to counter this movement—and preserve free government—is to study the true meaning and history of America, its founding principles, and its heritage. That is the goal of the Foundational Study, it’s a roadmap and action plan that will take you from where you are in your Constitutional understanding to the destination of having an understanding of your heritage, your history, the Founding documents, and how the founders designed the government to work so it would be a servant government of the People, by the People, and for the People. 

You will also learn why America was an experiment that demanded a high standard of education and integrity to hold it together. It is an exceptional nation because it was founded on exceptional principles and those principles have been enshrined in the founding documents. This is the America we are fighting to restore. If those principiles are destroyed, America’s foundation will be lost. If the foundation is lost, America will crumble under the weight of tyranny.

You will learn that the founders paid with great sacrifice for our liberty and freedom; pledging their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor knowing that if they were not successful they would face a hangman’s noose.

Most people in the media and on the internet talk about all the problems our nation faces and all the mistakes that were made but none are offering any rational solutions. We examine some serious problems our nation is facing in this study but we also offer the SOLUTION and the tools that are required to solve those problems – no one else is offering this. By the time your journey ends, you can use what you have learned and be effective in your community or in NLA. You will be prepared to assist in restoring the Republic and reclaiming the Constitution.

This study is not just about learning, but about taking what you have learned and putting it into action immediately. This will not only benefit you but also your children, grandchildren, and future generations. You will never have to worry about being asked the questions, “Why didn’t you do something when you had the opportunity to do so”? or “What did you do to help save our country”? You now have the SOLUTION!

We must revive the knowledge of our nation’s history, its founding and our heritage. We need a “Revolution of the Mind.” We need to stop thinking that the federal government will solve our problems. We must not let the light of freedom go out because if it does, there will be darkness around the world. As Ronald Reagan stated, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape. This is the last stand on earth.” We must keep our God-given Rights at the center of our quest to secure freedom for all Americans and as Donald Trump stated, “When this country is gone, the rest of the world will follow. That’s the importance of this country.” This is the nation we are fighting for and this is the nation you will discover in this study.

We must heed the warnings decried in our history and make every effort to pass the gift of Liberty to future generations. We feel that most people are now reaching the end of their tolerance of the desecration of their freedoms and we believe that once they complete this study, they will have enough understanding and knowledge to stand up and say “I am not going to take it anymore,” and will follow the step by step method (the SOLUTION) to restore the Republic and reclaim our Constitution.

We must keep a “laser focus” on what is important and set different priorities for our lives. To be successful we need to understand that for years we have been in a constant struggle to advance the boundaries of liberty while pushing back the tyranny of the evil ones. Today, apathy, corruption, greed, deceit, and immorality threaten to overwhelm the safety bulwark set up by the founders. It will take courageous and tireless efforts to return this nation to balance and you will need a strong sense of something greater than yourself to achieve this. We have the liberating truth on our side, but we need people with open eyes willing to see and act on it.

In this study, you will learn that all the power and the responsibility rests in your hands. You will learn why “draining the swamp” cannot be left to someone else to do - indeed, it cannot be done without you doing your part. If America falls, it will never be replaced. People need to pay close attention to what they are doing with their time, talent, and money. You need to turn off the TV and smart-phones and get involved in your community by joining or starting a “Committee of Safety.” This is what you must do if you want to be free and independent. It’s time to wake up and focus on the long-term goals of what needs to be done to preserve freedom of speech, family values, Christian traditions, and our economic security for ourselves and our posterity.

Restoring the Constitution will return the power to We the People and the rule of law to our great land. Will we be responsible enough to take a stand by getting involved in the Plan to take back the Republic and help defend and preserve what we were given? If so, you must get involved and help us complete the task NOW! We need everyone and everyone can do something!

This Study is not a speed test but rather an action plan, so take your time, and concentrate on what you read or view. You will gain the knowledge to assist in the fight for our freedom and the sovereignty of our nation. We hope you enjoy your journey through this eye-opening study.

This study is given through a series of videos. There are no questions at the end of each video. The purpose of this study is a pre requisite for NLA’s courses that follow. It’s time to wake up and take back control of our lives and our future.

There is a truth that simply states, “Reality is what one perceives it to be.” If one can control the narrative, implement outcome-based education, and control the news and entertainment in order to support that narrative, then they can control your reality. And that is exactly what has been happening since the age of radio, movies and television. We have become the “child of [tele]vision,” being conditioned on what to think and believe, via the “mass media” a/k/a “mass hypnosis.” And today with social media and “smart-phones,” that dumb us down, we are living more in the “Land of Oz” than ever before.

News Flash” - Reality is not what the majority believes it to be. People are living in a fiction and only the truth can set us free. The nature of truth is that “Truth is Self-evident,” it’s consistent, and when heard it’s obvious and it breaks the spell, so that we can rise above the fiction and SAVE OUR NATURAL LAW REPUBLIC!!!



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