Constitution Course Directions

Important to Read Before you Begin

These directions will be available to you before every quiz and at the following location, which is under the “Free Courses” button on the main menu. If you need these directions, please open them up on a different tab so you do not lose your progress on the quiz before you make your submission. These directions will be the same for all Chapters and Quizzes so you will not need to reread for every Quiz.

YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR THE COURSE AT before you take any of the Chapter Quizzes.


You will fill out short answer questions when you take the quiz. For each blank spot there is a word that you must fill out that should be separated by a single space. For example:

One ______ under God

Your answer should be: Nation

I ______ __________ to the flag of the ______ States of America

Your answer should be: pledge allegiance United

There is no case sensitivity for any of the quiz answers. If you have “united” rather than “United” or “nation” instead of “Nation”, both are acceptable answers. The number of underscores characters ("_") should represent the amount of characters for each word are needed. If not please let me know, see contact at the bottom and provide feedback on the quiz.

There may be some instances where the question may not exactly match the text. We will work on this going forward if this causes confusion.

To the right side of the page, you will see a block that has the course outline. This allows you to navigate to the next quiz or back to the next course page, or can allow you to retake the quiz again.

Special Characters

Some answers may have dash  ("-") or an apostrophe (" ‘ ") to help you out if we felt some particular questions were more difficult. For example :

We hold these truths to be ____-_______ . 

Your answer should be: self evident 

Equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of ______’_ God entitle them

You answer should be: Nature s

However the dashes or apostrophes may not be included in some cases. In this case add them as one word. For example:

We hold these truths to be ____________

You answer should be: self-evident

Equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of ________ God entitle them

You answer should be: Nature’s

Answering with Numbers

General Rules for that are as follows:

If you Reference an Article in the Constitution, use Roman Numerals (I , II , III , IV , etc)

If you are referring to USC, clauses in the Constitution, or a year, use the number itself (2, 5, 1776, 1789, etc)

If the question asks about how many times something appears in the Constitution, an Amendment in the Constitution, how many powers a certain branch of government has, or in all other cases, type out the full number (one , two , twelfth , thirteenth, etc.)

If you have tried this and is does not work, please try different ways if you can and let us know this is a problem so we can go back and fix it.

After the Quiz

If you cannot move to the next Chapter after taking a Quiz, it is because you failed to achieve a score of 100% on the prior quiz, which is required to go forward. Thus, you will need to retake the Quiz again.

If you get a score of 100%, you should then be able to proceed to the next Chapter without any issue. You must get a 100% score to proceed. If you do not, you will see the questions that you got wrong because they will be scored as 0 of 5 points rewarded. If you get the answers correct, you will see 5 of 5 rewarded and a check mark for each answer. 

Also, if you do not get 100% on the current Chapter quiz, you may retake the quiz and repopulate the quiz with all the correct answers you got right from the last time you took the quiz. You must get 100% to proceed. 

If you are able to proceed to  the next chapter, the next quiz will be avaliable to you on the right hand side of the page. 

If you are unsure of your score for any quiz, you can always check your score results under the "My Results" tab which should be located under "Introduction" or whatever Chapter name of the quiz you are on.

After the Course

We are working on creating a certificate for the course. Once we finish completing the certificate, you will receive a certficiate of completion for the course.

Help or Feedback

Please report any issues you have with the quiz to