These positions are voluntary but eventually will be paid positions when we can secure funding.

If you would like to help us at the National Level, please e-mail Jan@NationalLibertyAlliance and give him your name, state, phone number and  bullet point what your intrests are and we will call you.

We need "District Coordnators."

We need "Represenatives" to help NLA Founders find and schedule interviews.

We need someone who can help to "Secure Funding."

We need "Researchers."

We need "Paralegals."

We need people to help on our "Welcoming Committiee."

We need "Educators" see >

We need "Jury Administrators" (this is a full time paid career position.) To qualify, you must take all NLA's courses.

NLA Director – Jan

NLA Assistant Director – Terry

NLA National Coordinators – Ed

District 1 – 3 States    Need District Coordinator

District 2 – 3 States    Need District Coordinator

District 3 – 4 States    Need District Coordinator

District 4 – 4 States    Need District Coordinator

District 5 – 6 States    Need District Coordinator

District 6 – 5 States    Need District Coordinator

District 7 – 4 States    Need District Coordinator

District 8 – 4 States    Need District Coordinator

District 9 – 10 States  Need District Coordinator

District 10 – 7 States  Need District Coordinator

District Coordinator Instructions.pdf

Committee of Safety Spreadsheet_by State.xlsx

NLA’s Goals Are:

1) NLA will help initiate “County Committees of Safety” in every county in America.

2) NLA must maintain a relationship with the County COS Organizer and eventually the Chair of the “Committee of Correspondence” in order to raise awareness of National issues and to brainstorm solutions.

3) NLA leadership must constantly stress the need of a proper education (NLA provides) in order to bind our servants down with the chains of the Constitution. If we fail to know these things, we cannot have self-government. Encourage every member of every County COS to learn what we should have been taught in school.

4) NLA leadership must constantly stress the need of all members to come to our Monday night open forum or download the MP3 if they can’t make it. We all must be informed!

5) NLA will have a special “Open Forum” hosted by John Darash for Committees of Correspondence once a month to talk about National issues on the 1st Monday of the month at 9 PM EST in our Start Meeting venue. We will forgo the 1st Monday of the month normal program for this “Special Open Forum.”

6) NLA leadership must elucidate to every County COS that NLA is only an adviser and will never interfere with the County COS business. NLA facilitates a proper education for the County COS, assists in organization and communications between the Committees of Correspondence to discuss national issues and brainstorm solutions. Each COS is free and independent and must decide how they will proceed concerning the issues raised.

7) NLA leadership must constantly stress that uniformity of our County COS is imperative in order for them to work together. NLA wrote the handbook for creating the County COS and the handbook for functioning as committeemen in order to take back our political and judicial processes.

8) NLA leadership must constantly stress that in both political and judicial concerns NLA will advise anyone who asks.


  • Must attend our national on-line weekly meetings (if you can’t make it, listen to recording.)
  • Must be taking NLA Courses.
  • Must attend meetings (if you can’t make it listen to recording.)
  • Must Start or join an active county COS in your county, you don’t need to be the main organizer.
  • Must join the COS Committee of Correspondence and preferably be the chair, if not, must be active on that sub-committee.
  • Read and become familiar with the COS plan by reading and studying the COS Handbook and COS Committeeman Handbook. You must eventually know the COS plan and structure in-side-out!!!


District Coordinators are the “Face of NLA” to “NLA’s Committee of Correspondence” for their states within their districts; and are responsible for:

  • Communications to “County COS” must be by phone not email. Email is only for sending supporting information after a phone call. NO MASS EMAILING! One exception is to remind the County COS of an up-coming meeting.
  • Maintaining a log using MS Word. Districts with more than 5 states need a min of 2 District Coordinators. Eventually we will need one Coordinator per state. Let’s start looking and recruiting more help NOW!
  • MS Word Record – record bullet points and/or detailed info after each phone conversation. Create a folder for each state and sub folders for each county. Do not be long winded the purpose of this info will help you to remember who you are talking to and where to pick up on your next conversation. It also will assist another coordinator should you have to retire your position.
  • Maintain a spread sheet of all active County COS. Use a tab for each state. (Cut and paste the counties for each state provided by NLA) Record the COS organizer for each county. Name – Phone – E-mail – No of Members – Date Established – Connected to Sheriff.
  • Report to the “National Coordinator” all County COS’s progress on the 4th Monday of the month.
  • Reports are to include:

List of County COS by State (alphabetically) with number of members.

  1. (1) Report date County COS initiated.
  2. (2) Report date of County COS first meeting.
  3. (3) Report date the County COS completed their charter & resolutions sealed and filed with county clerk.
  4. (4) Report date the County COS submitted their charter & resolutions to Sheriff at their first 5 minute meeting & confirm Sheriff received the book “Government by Consent.”
  5. (5) Report date the County COS had their second meeting with their Sheriff 30 days later at a County COS meeting.
  6. (6) Report if the Sheriff is on board with the County COS.
  7. (7) Request a copy of COS's Charter and Resolution to post on NLA's website and update when necessary.
* When a County COS establishes a committee of correspondence change the contact information to the committee of correspondence chair, update from time to time if there are changes.
* Impress upon the chair the necessity to be at the “Monthly National Committee of Correspondence Meeting” to discuss national problems and strategies. If they can’t make it send a another member from their committee so that they are represented and can reiterate the findings back to their “General Committee.” Additionally MP3 recordings will be made available.
* Encourage COS leaders to share on our NLA Monday open forum their progress, successes, and unique ideas they executed for growth or whatever that might help others. Let Jan or Terry know that someone wants to speak. We will need identifying info so that we can take them first in the Q.
* DC can share their successes also. Let Jan or Terry know that someone wants to speak.
* Start working on a list of national problems that we need to address. Don’t concern yourselves with our voting problems Trump is addressing that.
* Call each new COS and offer your assistance, give them a list of NLA members state wide.
* Explain to the county COS the importance of education for all their members.
* Encourage them to take NLA courses and come to NLA’s Monday night meetings.
* Once they have a Committee of Correspondence have them come to your meeting 2nd Monday of the month at 7:30 PM EST (might need to change to Tuesday at 9 PM because of the west coast.) This meeting should be focusing on National concerns.
* Other DC meetings can remain on Mondays if you want but you might need a different night at 9 PM because of the west coast.
* After 1st Contact schedule another call and follow-up calls. Relationships between NLA and County COS are crucial to our success. As states grow you can schedule skype calls with numerous County COS within the state. Skype is crucial because people can phone in or get the skype app.


  • 45 min stay on point maybe use Roberts Rules of Order …
  • The main purpose of your meeting is to discuss ideas and strategies concerning your approach to County COS and assist each other in the contents of the 2 aforesaid handbooks.
  • Share ideas on how to approach people on the phone. Remember we are all learning let the person on the phone know that and that if you don’t know the answer to their questions take a note and tell them “I’ll get back to you on that.”
  • Terry or Jan will Record and end the meeting after 45 min. If you want announce that you are having a “BS” session and people can leave or stay if they want but the meeting is officially closed!
  • I can’t stress this too often don’t waste peoples time keep on point or people will stop coming. Do not let ANYONE talk about their personal issues and or agendas.
  • Terry or Jan will open and close the meeting and upload the recording? They may leave after the official meeting and the room will close when the last person leaves the room. Terry or Jan will refresh the room before the Monday night meeting just in case someone lingered and the recording gets spliced.


  • NC chairs the meeting and keeps things moving and on point.
  • NC is to maintain their written records indefinitely.
  • Jan or Terry will take attendance and give it to the NC for record keeping. It will be expected that anyone who misses the meeting listen to the mp3 recording and inform in writing to the NC before the end of the same week responding appropriately concerning said meeting and NC is to record in their notes that communication and mark them as attended via mp3.
  • NC is to report in writing to John Darash and Gerard Aprea a monthly report on status, growth, accomplishment, ideas, and national concerns that we need to address. John and Gerard will maintain a record of these communications.
  • NC is to address our membership on the 2nd Monday of the month as to our monthly progress, about 5 minutes, more if requested.
  • NC is to report on the first Monday of the month too John Darash via spread sheet on each state growth as follows:

List of County COS by State (alphabetically) with number of members.

  1. Report date County COS initiated.
  2. Report date of County COS first meeting.
  3. Report date the County COS completed their charter & resolutions sealed and filed with county clerk.
  4. Report date the County COS submitted their charter & resolutions to Sheriff at their first 5 minute meeting & confirm Sheriff received the book “Government by Consent.”
  5. Report date the County COS had their second meeting with their Sheriff 30 days later at a County COS meeting.
  6. Report if the Sheriff is on board with the County COS.

Using MS Word List concerns that National Leadership should be aware of.


docpreston's picture

Mr. Darash , 
   I just got your email requesting the 5.00 a month & I wanted to voice a few concerns . I joined NLA and gladly gave the 5.00 / month I also took all the course as well as became a Grand Jury Administroator then after about 1 year give or take I had some financial problems and had to not pay it 1 month and pretty much all my acces to anything on the site was taken away without a question one . I truly felt like the new couse that was being made to take  was a bit of a money grab & did not understand why it was now manatory after having alreadt completed the others as well as buying your book" Court Access And Common Law" . I really felt again like a soldier with out a country . Being a disabled  combat vet and having a limited income every month cannot afford many extras but I did pay for quite some time but it was all for nothing it feels . Did not expect that but it is what it is . I still listened in on monday nites for a bit but losing energy faster & faster over it all . 

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Learn about the laws and what controls the courts.  Visit  for your free booklet, that you can view, download, print and share about your rights and privileges.

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The British LOST the War for Indepndance   ...   and were VERY UPSET   ...   The British Crown subsequently started INFILTRATING America with 'ESQUIRE' Agents of the Crown - currently controlling all 3 branches of State and Union "Governments"   ...   and act as PRIVATEERS under LETTERS OF MARQUE & REPRISAL   ...   !!!

Infamous Keny's picture

...   "Attorneys" (Attorn Scribes) members of the British Accreditation Registry (B.A.R.), were sent to infiltrate and TAKE OVER our 'courts' when the British LOST the shooting War for Independance;

Article 1 Section 9 clause 8 of the Union Constitution EXPRESSLY Forbids such Titles:

No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

and the REAL 13th Amendment was much more specific:

"If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain, any title of nobility or honour, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."

For the REAL Documentation [ER 902] EVIDENCING Ratification, email   ...

Infamous Keny's picture

The REAL 13th Amendment was Ratified, and as FINAL RATIFICATION, by the Rhode Island Legislature   ---   See Congressional Journal, 4 February, 1818, 15th Congress, 1st Session, Item # 446, Page 477   ...

LivingWoman2023's picture

Dear John,  I am a Living Woman, American National, Secured Party Creditor,  Free Traveler, yada yada.. and I saw that you are recommending a  website called  Legal ...
    I went ahead and wrote to them, gave them my story and my questions, but then I was baffled because  I'm listening to David Strait also.. I take my information from any sources. I think The Bar is responsible for the deep corruption of our courts in America, and why so many people distrust these bar attorneys.  I went ahead and left my question, and it's regarding a I would like to file one eventually for emotional distress, abuse and false documents, arrest and's a personal case.. but what is your take on  THE BAR ??in this country.. David' Straight is a very smart guy but of course he has not written amazing books like you.  John, Wouldn't it be wise to create an alternative Judicial in this country that is in Common Law,  where people can represent themselves?   I tend to be the creative type so I'm just wondering about that.  Perhaps you're using The Bar to get your foot in the door,  so that we can eventually return to the birthright of our Republic.   Kindly yours Connie

Infamous Keny's picture

The ESQUIRE (Title Granted by the British onarch) members of the British Accreditation Registry (B.A.R. /BAR) are the Agents of the British Crown who took by siubtrfuge what the British Miliary LOST in the War for Independance   !!!
Like Esquires (a TITLE of Courtesy)_ those given a TITLE OF NOBILITY - Knight - Lotrd - etc. - are Listed on the B. A. R.
Prince Leonard of Hutt, God Rest hi Soult (Hutt River Principality), OFFERED me the Title of KNIGHT after I helped him on several Law /Procedure issues (too bad his son /successor dissolved the Principality), but I turned down the Title based on the Union Constitution's Title of Nobility clause;
If one has a Title of Nobility the ONLY THING any Esquire (whether axcting as 'judge' of 'attorney') may say to a Noble is "YES SIR", unless s/he wants to be summonsed to London for PUNISHMENT, inclusive of death !!!
The man who Introduced me to Sir Wayne Goss through whom I initially assisted the Prince until the Prince called me directly, was KNIGHTED by Prince Leonard in Recognition of his Srervice to the Principality of Introducing me, and his name was placed on the British Accreditation Registry as KNIGHT, after that when he was 'pulled over' by police - the Police, upon running his name became VERY APOLOGETIC for causing the inconvenience   !!!
...   and Esquire /Attorneysabsolutely CONTROL all Judicial, Legislative, and Executive departments in all 'state' and 'federal' governments, and in the rare occasions a non-Esquire holds office, they are provided an attorney ?Esquire wo monitors and 'advises' (issues orders) to the non-Esquire Office hiolder - and if the non Esquire office holder refuses to follow orders of the Esquire 'advisor' s/he is defamed /slandered /prosecuted (often phony 'charges') and removed from office /imprisoned /etc.   ...   AS THEY'RE ATTEMPTING TO DO TO Donald John Trump right now   !!!   (but non-esquire 'White Hats' control the majority of our  Military - and are bringing the Deep-Stater's to JUSTICE - see   ---   the REAL 13gth Amendment needs to be ENFORCED !!!)

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House Report 3123 dtd 17 Sep 51 National Lawyers Guild - Legal bulwark of the Communist Party. Nobility subverted the people in 1789. US v Williams 1992 Scalia Administration of the Grand Jury belongs to the people. Must Claim. BAR is enemy of the state since 1750. 

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the last course has been finished by me with a 100% as was outlined in the couriculum 
if you need my resume' i will provide that as well
as i am now 66 and on social security i am in need of other income
could someone contact me to discuss any possibilty of working for NLA
this is for the jury administrators course
thank you for your time