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Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives”. – James Madison

Government by Consent Hardcover by John Darash ($39.95)  CLICK HERE FOR BOOK DETAILS & TO ORDER BOOK

This is more than a book; it’s a plan, a road map from slavery to Liberty. The purpose of this book and its supporting web site, is to provoke We the People to action and arm them with education suitable and necessary for survival. Then, We the People can tie down our government servants with the chains of the Constitution and bring them back under our consent. National Liberty Alliance (NLA) is the only organization with a viable plan to return our servant government back under the Constitution and restore our Republic. For more information and to order book go to -->

Court Access And The Common Law Hardcover by John Darash (39.95) CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS & TO ORDER BOOK

This book is the product of more than 13 years of research of American History, American Courts, and our Founding Documents which is a History of Common Law. Liberty rests in your Heritage and your Heritage is in the Law! During my research I could not find a book that teaches Court Access and the Law. I came to realize that this was by design. The American BAR Association which controls our courts and law-makers simply do not want the People to know the Common Law and their Heritage, because in doing so, they would lose control of our courts and political process and our Republic would be restored. Because once you know the Law it will liberate you from the bondage of their hideous statutory law that controls everything!

Pocket Handbooks


Some books may still be under review by Amazon

* Common Law Grand Jury pocket Handbook and Kindle, by John Darash (82 pages)

* Common Law Petit Jury pocket Handbook and Kindle, by John Darash (88 pages)

* Committee of Safety Committeeman pocket Handbook and Kindle, by John Darash (85 pages)

* County Committee of Safety Organizing pocket Handbook and Kindle, by John Darash (151 pages)

* County Sheriff’s pocket Handbook and Kindle, by John Darash (103 pages)

* Founding Documents pocket Handbook and Kindle, by John Darash (78 pages)

* Common Law Court pocket Handbook by John Darash (301 pages)




* Militia pocket Handbook and Kindle, by John Darash ( pages) - Not available yet

* Roberts Rules of Order Handbook, by John Darash ( pages) - Not available yet

* Memorandums of Common Law pocket Handbook and Kindle, by John Darash ( pages) - Not available yet

* Jury Administrative pocket Handbook, by John Darash ( pages)- Not available yet

The Essential Value of a Classic Education

Common Law and God is the major focus of discussion of the "Classics." The Common Law and the Bible is paramount within the "Great Conversations" that everyone should be acquainted. It should be taught in every school. Our Nation was built upon Common Law and the Bible. It is imperative that we engage the minds of our children and ourselves in these works if we expect to be "Free and Independent!"


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I created a free booklet online that was updated, July 15, 2022, for one to view, download, print and share and if printed, print double sided and it is just 8-pages. Learn about your rights, privileges, the laws and what controls our courts. NOW IS THE TIME!!! Visit

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Hey Doc,

I can't answer the questions you have for John but I can offer a little help with your other concerns as far as your Grand Jury Administrator goes. Your profile page shows you as a Grand Jury Admisitrator, there are currently 1246 of them across the country and you are one of them. You should probably reach out to your District Leader 7 - Steven (405) 627-1572 to help you with concerns about that directly. I know John has a very full plate so he has other leaders/coordinators in place to assist him. Thanks Doc for showing interest in our freedom!


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thanks for that little bit of info . I have tried multiple times to reach district 7 leader , I have even been given the NLA members in my county all 3 or 4 of them contact ibfo by Karen I believe and not one has responded . I think where my real concern is how can my fellow ( I dont know what to call them for they are not patriots or act as )persons / citizens . this is just truly heart breaking for an old vet . Again thanks a ton for the ibfo and a respopnse truly the 1st I have gotten .  I WILL NOT GIVE UP NOR WILL I EVER STOP FIGHTING FOR THE SWEET LAND THAT I LOVE SO MUCH !  Kenith R Preston !!

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You're welcome! I am right there with you Doc and Thank You so much for your service. I am new to NLA but will help where I can.

John Evans

National Coordinator 

District 1 Coordinator

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Mr. Durash , 
 I am maybe outtaline but when you last spoke to me and the time before when I just was lstening on the call , it looks and appears like your focus has become on your books more so than other important things  Will there be no discounted price for members for the newest one ?   I have bought the 1st one so as it is required to become an Grand Jury Administartor . I am not even listed on the administrator list nor is my county and I have completed it all , Please dont let this turn out to be a fale screw job , this would be so very bad & so many have faith in it . I have tried to comment like this now many times with outr one single response so maybe this coukld be better dealt with . The civics course when I completed 1/2 was not able to view any video for the questions that were being asked so you just had to figure it out not complaing it wasw no hill for a stepper but others may find it impassable .  thanks Doc .