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Civics is the study of the great theoretical and practical aspects of citizenship, its rights and duties; the duties of people to each other as members of a political body. It includes the study of natural law, aka common law; and civil code that control the behavior of our servants, not the people, and the study of government with the attention on the consent of the people in the operation and oversight of government.

This free course is a requirement for all those will be filling the positions of Administrators for the Common Law Jury, but anyone may take the course. There are 3133 counties in the United States and each county will require a minimum of four administrators. Some counties with high populations will require more than four that will need to be decided by the first four. That calculates to about 13,000 positions across the nation that will need to be filled. You do not need to live in the county where you are working as administrators. Salaries are from $45,000 – $130,000/yr dependent upon experience.

This free course covers American History, the Constitution, Common Law, History of the Jury and the Hidden History of America. This course is about 120 hours, with 159 parts and about 600 questions. Each part will have a a few questions, you must have all the questions for each part right to proceed. if you get any wrong you will need to review the part in question to find the correct answer in order to proceed.

  • 5,000 year leap, by w. Cleon Skousen; 28 parts
  • Constitution Class; by Michael Badnarik; 20 parts
  • Constitution; by Carl Miller; 3 parts
  • Americanism, John Birch Society; 1 part
  • Individualism -vs- Collectivism, by G Edward Griffin; 1 part
  • Introduction to Common Law lecture, by Bill Thornton; 3 parts
  • Common law procedure lecture, by Bill Thornton; 15 parts
  • Common law lecture, court of record, by Bill Thornton; 15 parts
  • Common law lecture, motions, by Bill Thornton; 16 parts
  • Show me the Law, by Bill Thornton; 3 parts
  • Trial by Jury, by Lysander Spooner; 21 parts
  • American History, by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.; 17 parts
  • Understanding the Conspiracy, by G Edward Griffin; 16 parts
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