5000 Year Leap

28 Great Ideas That Changed the World by W. Cleon Skousen, (copyright 1981, 2009)

Foreword: by Glenn Beck This is a story you won’t believe. It starts with a hundred famished, starving people so desperate for food they had to eat their milk cows, slaughter their plough horses, and kill their dogs. When that ran out they hunted birds and squirrels, and then trapped rats and mice, and finally boiled the leather of their shoes to chew. When that was gone, they turned to each other, waiting on the dying for their next meal. It’s an ugly tale of starvation and desperation that didn’t happen at some faraway place, it happened right here in our own backyard—Jamestown, Virginia.

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audio #08 does not word at all and in the test those audio some work a little and some do not, bummer i enjoy learning from them, and is big pain to have to look up the facts to answer the questions on the internet and only aids in making the learning much harder.


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Are we headed for Jamestown LL?