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ok I just re took the test # 15 on the jury administrators class & was failed for preside & presides . really I under stand that it is a must know course but really an s ? if the dang thang was not 90 questions I`d blow it off but Igave the proper answer !!! good nite !

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The problem is you are dealing with a COMPUTER, not a person. It only knows one answer, with no extra spaces, starting at the left end of the line or box, spelled properly, capitolized properly etc.

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  1. What Swamp are they talking about Draining? Is it the Politicians, Corporations, etc? Or is it the people, the poor, uneducated, The ones on Social Security, Disability, Medicaid, Medicare, The Men and Women in Prison, Rest homes, the homeless, etc?
  2. Why is it that all these organization, groups, clamming to have the answer, the way out of this mess not working together, instead of fighting, and bad mouthing each other?
  3. What's going to happen to all the people who can't get 6, 8, months or a years supply of food, water, medicine, wood, etc up, and those who live in apartments, they can't put in a wood stove, and a years supply of wood.
  4. Why do all these different organizations, groups always want to sell you something at High Prices, and claim they want to help free the people? Yes a workman is worthy of his hire, I agree. Put some of them are bring in 10s of thousands of dollars a month. Sounds like their in it for the Money!
  5. How do we know that these organizations, groups, are not apart of the government working under cover, claiming one thing, but are really helping to bring the country to it's knees? Then the government can say we told you we were doing all this to help you, But now we are in total control, we are the kings and queens!
  6. What has changed for the better from all this so called Swamp Draining? Nothing, things are just getting worst! Oh I know, things always get worst before they get better, not good enough.
  7. Is their anyone out there who is being honest and straight up with the people? Maybe, Maybe not!
  8. I'm not pointing my finger at anyone person, organization, group, but I've been all over the internet in the last 15 years or so, who's telling the truth? Anyone, No-one, All of them?
  9. I no this to be a fact, you can go to the post office, and mail books in mass mailing, I forget what it's called, but I have done this myself working for companies. It only cost penny's on the Dollar. Why are they not doing this to get the message out to the people, and the Sheriff?
    Please don't Quote Me a supreme court case, or tell me to go watch this or that video, or to read this or that article, or watch this or that News Release, it Proves Nothing!
    I'm seeking the truth!! I want to be FREE, and Help Others to be FREE!
    Forgive Me for being a little Harsh in my questions, But, I want to know the truth!

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Yes, I agree. I have been taking administrator courses. now I am on the last chapter 11 constitution 101. This completes all courses, and I can't get one question .
The Grand Juries are the ________ of the _____. (Hint: Same answers as "We the People, being the ________ of the _____") 
Answer must be sureties, peace for both. Any suggestions

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You have the right answers. Make sure that they are lower case with no extra spaces, start at the left end of the line etc.


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Ken - I agree with every one of your questions. Most questions on this site seem to go unanswered. I wish things were legit, because there's nothing I would love more than to become a paralegal and/or jurist administrator and help build a grassroots parallel government for my county. Andrea 

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Here Here !!