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I was wondering why we as a group are not using out real time chatroom more?

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I still have a lot to study.
and, would pay more for this stuff law schools are forbidden to teach

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2013 TR 5004 and 5005 Escambia county also
must see transcript of arraignment the appellate record

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Escambia county 2013 CT 567 was 2 counts 1st degree misdemeanors.
must see transcript of arraignment
guilty at trial
moved for default on appeal twice
without the state attorney even having to ask, mush less provide a reason, appellate court dismissed appeal 2 months after request for default.
2 months later, on April fools, appellate court ordered to vacate dismissal and the whole thing disappeared.
why, I got mine originally from "court survival guides 50 pages.

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Okay, I have to ask, based on the lack of communications throughout this site, it appears this movement is dying. If that is the case, why bother keeping the site up? How do you renew people to take action? Is everyone being blocked on everything being tried? Are there any success stories?

It looks like a serious lack of feedback and that is highly discouraging. If there are a great deal of failures, why not at least post those failures here so others know what does not work. Post the successes as well so we can all learn what does work.

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Q: Is the NLA dying?

A: NLA is alive and well. Please go to the media tab and click on court filings to see the most recent work being done by we the people. We encourage everyone to get involved by joining the conference calls and read through the site. Become a member and then join a committee to use your giftedness/talents to help restore our Republic.

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Now pick up those pieces you keep saying are too heavy and give them another toss,... till your hands bleed. Then you can stop.
Enough said!

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Not only should Bar Association members be banned, Freemasons should be banned too. Looking throughout American history, most of the treason has been assisted and/or committed by both of those turncoats!

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So many veils have been lifted, but there are many more!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p-q-TgBOWo Apparently, America is fake, and all the people are property of USA Corp/The UK Queen/The Vatican. We are under the Queen's rule as an enemy, but public leaders/puppets spew nothing but lies, and informs the world that we are and have been allies!!! It is a trap to enslave us-citizens, and then humanity. :((((( The good news is that they are not ready for us to know this yet. Praise Jesus!

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Just a fraction of the mess. Search youtube Birth Certificate Bond and Is Income tax Legal?!

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My research has led me to the understanding that indeed we are living in USA Inc. The USA Incorporated was formed in I believe 1871. Our birth certificates are bonds and denote ownership. USA Inc. has been operating from bankrupt status since the1930's. I am glad you have learned this truth, please help to inform others! .. peace .. ~ Allen

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If the power of the courts goes back to the people, then the golden age will be upon us quite quickly as long as mankind can avoid WWIII. As long as the UN exists, the golden age will never happen.

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Regardless of jurisdiction, common law, military law, civil law, codes, statutes, etc., the UN is going to try to enforce their own branded "Bar" code statutory laws onto every human being on the planet except for those who are employed and empowered by the UN. Corporations are more privileged and will continue to be more privileged than any human being due to the hijacking of the law by the corporations and their lawyers.

Cleaning up the USA justice system will either dissolve the UN or ignite a war from the UN. If the UN is dissolved, there will still be 200+ BANK-note countries ready to go to war against a gold & silver backed Constitutional USA. USA would then turn into Iraq/Syria/N.Korea etc... aka part of the Axis of Evil. That alone goes against everything American citizens/slaves would want - due to all the public brainwashing and mind control tactics they encounter throughout each and every day.

Yes, the cat is out of the bag, but unfortunately for us, the cat can't inform every human being about what has taken place, and what is taking place, and what should take place from here on out. If the all fraudulent powers were no longer in power, then there would be a solid chance for real freedom and real justice.

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so what do we do, when we file the paperwork and the county refuses to either file the papers or give us access to the jury room? They may claim that there are no statutes to support our running of the grand jury. With a local sheriff clearly working in the best interest of the state and not the citizens...what options do we have that doesn't involves spending thousands on an attorney?

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Sent a notice to Tech (Non-)Support last month advising them that I was no longer able to make my one-time donation of $10 because the NLA Website forbids a one-time donation of less than $20. Why would any sane person want to discourage a donation? This website should have a direct line of communication to the bean counters because they might understand better than Tech (Non-)Support.

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I know a lot of websites set a minimum donation because they have problems with credit card thieves using their donation forms to test stolen credit cards. They figure $1 donations aren't worth the risk of $20 chargeback fees or being treated as a suspect by a sheriff.

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Am listening to the "Word Games" audio and it occurs to me that where they use a lower case p for people they are talking about individual rights. where they use a capital P they are talking about the people as a whole. No singular member of "the people" has the right or authority to overthrow their government but the People as a whole DO.