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The following "Peremptory Writ Mandamus" To the United States Supreme Court Concerning an Action at Law filed in the Northern District of New York Regarding High Treason with Military Enforcement was served on February 2, 2023. You are welcomed to come to our Monday night Open Forum for Q&A, Corrections or Suggestions!

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Please take Note the following Writ Mandamus is the third draft and will continue to be updated untill we perfect the Final for serving upon the United States Supreme Court!

ABOUT USNORTHCOM - Enforcement!!!

"We have the watch, always!" — Gen. Glen D. VanHerck

USNORTHCOM plans, organizes and executes homeland defense and civil support missions, but has few permanently assigned forces. The command is assigned forces whenever necessary to execute missions, as ordered by the president or secretary of defense. Civil service employees and uniformed members representing all service branches work at USNORTHCOM’s headquarters located at Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colo.

The commander of USNORTHCOM also commands the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), a bi-national command responsible for aerospace warning, aerospace control, and maritime warning for Canada, Alaska and the continental United States.

USNORTHCOM’s civil support mission includes domestic disaster relief operations that occur during fires, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. Support also includes counter-drug operations and managing the consequences of a terrorist event employing a weapon of mass destruction. The command provides assistance to a Primary Agency when tasked by DOD. Per the Posse Comitatus Act, military forces can provide civil support, but cannot become directly involved in law enforcement.

In providing civil support, USNORTHCOM generally operates through established Joint Task Forces subordinate to the command. An emergency must exceed the capabilities of local, state and federal agencies before USNORTHCOM becomes involved. In most cases, support will be limited, localized and specific. When the scope of the disaster is reduced to the point that the Primary Agency can again assume full control and management without military assistance, USNORTHCOM will exit, leaving the on-scene experts to finish the job.

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Memorandum Petit Jury (Part 12 of 19)

Memorandum Jury Orintation (Part 13 of 19)

Memorandum of Law Engel v Vitale (Part 14 of 19)


Memorandum Non-Judicial Forclosure (Part 15 of 19)


Memorandum Article I -v- Article III Courts (Part 16 of 19)

Memorandum Habeas Corpus (Part 17 of 19)

Memorandum Right to Practice Law (Part 18 of 19)

Memorandom Family Court (19 of 19)

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Memorandum Acts of Treason by Judiciary

Memorandum Jury Tampering and Stacking


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:i- man have -:No -clear-establishment ~send-receive-information~ that the document is with the completion-sending and de-livery.
Lots of the good information.
:Some -:Corroborating-truths that would-be of the benefit to the readers is with the need for the completeness of the knowledge for rthe-use-ability of the law-truth of  the people by the law of the people.
If the fullness is the goal then :i- man can help with the fullness of the knowledge for the setting of the people FREE !!

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Finished the Mandamus. Lots of Good-Information.
Everyone whould wade through to learn what is and is not there. I know.
Gotta go back and comb-out the knowledge of the work.
Thanks John, Blessings. Amein? Amein.
? ? No send and receive data?!  Why?

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1) Constinuing to finish upon the MANDAMUS- Memorandum of the Law: Petit-Jury.
2) Very-Good J.; You are righteous, and :- man concur. There is a problem.
3) Thank-you.

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Shalom J, NLA et al,
Am reading the Mandamus. Lots of information, am learning some elements of the puzzle that will help. So far like much. Just now staring on the Sheriff Memo, as the first 2-3 pages are packed with good-information, and needs to know, for me.
Been here to site, 2-3 times so far;l Am looking-forward to see here the -:Send-receive information for the Mandamus. . Hope to finish more later today.

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US Northern commands objective is to protect the United States from our domestic enemies. Commanded by retired military officers.  Im sure they are aware of the criminals in our US government.  Thanks to John Darash for presenting all the evidence of high treason in our Writ of Quo Warrantos.  Now comes the time when the olive branch is no longer extended.  We need the Possee to come out and use force to get these criminals to obey their oath of office.  All able bodied people should be regularly armed and ready to come out when they are called.  USNORCOM  We are ready for your call.

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How dare they.  They know what they are doing, and dont want to destroy their cash cow.  What can we do to put some teeth to have it enforced?  Their false court system has the threat of the officer with a gun.  Prison even death by lethal injection is the Teeth their nisi prius courts have.  Where are the sherriffs with the strength to start taking juges off the bench?  If we start doing this for every municipal judge who violates a defendents constituitional rights, they wont ignore our filings.  Either do this atthe county level or get US marshalls to arrest federal judges.  Sheriff, SHERIFF We The People are calling on you to save this country.