Anti Federalist Papers

Patrick HENRY (1736 - 1799)

During the period of debate over the ratification of the Constitution, numerous independent local speeches and articles were published all across the country. Initially, many of the articles in opposition were written under pseudonyms, such as "Brutus", "Centinel", and "Federal Farmer". Eventually, famous revolutionary figures such as Patrick Henry came out publicly against the Constitution. They argued that the strong national government proposed by the Federalists was a threat to the rights of individuals and that the President would become a king. They objected to the federal court system created by the proposed constitution. This produced a phenomenal body of political writing; the best and most influential of these articles and speeches were gathered by historians into a collection known as the Anti-Federalist Papers in allusion to the Federalist Papers. (Summary by Ticktockman)


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I hope they will be restored.

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hello  i believe the paper I am looking for is not here. Anti federalist paper number nine 9  THE ONE WHICH  TELLS  US WHO AND HOW THE ARISTOCRATS FOOLED WE THE PEOPLE. I HAVE MADE NOTE OF THIS PAPER BEFORE, BUT THERE IS JUST TOOO MUCH INFO ABOUT OUR ENSLAVEMENT TO DIGEST.  IM TYPING IN CAPS BC ITS EASIER FOR ME TO SEE LOL.  IF THE PAPERS HAVE ANY TRUTH TO THEM, T H I S IS THE EVIDENCE.!!  Who was montezuma??  The signatore of the number nine paper and just an all around bad ass!! As in evil.  I beieve it's true, they have stacked the courts and this paper tells you how.  One more thing, t h e y did not want the bill of rights! They called it a cog in their wheels of  rule.       Thank you. Cindy

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The Rothschild banksters backed the federalists. The federalists, as a group, represented Rothschild interests. And that is how all this crap unfolded. Be advised.