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(1) If the Public Official is NOT performing their duties for the community, or they are enforcing mandates that are NOT laws upon the people, than anyone can write a letter to the Public Official demanding a certified copy of their Surety Bond – every Public Official is required to provide this information by law. In some states you might be required to pay a small fee to obtain this copy.

(2) Write a letter to the Public Official of intent to file against the Surety Bond. State in this letter what harm he/she has caused you or the community, what needs to be done to rectify the situation, and the timeline for rectification. You should also include the amount of money they will be liable for and an explanation of how Surety Bonds work. 

(3) If the Public Official does not stop or take the action(s) you request, you can put them on notice by submitting a “Color of Law“ violation.

(4) If this fails, you can write a claim against the Public Official’s Surety Bond. Depending on the laws of your state, more than one claim can be filed against a single bond holder. To submit this claim, simply write a letter to the company that holds the Surety Bond. State in this claim letter what harm the Public Official has caused you or the community. In some states, the bonding company may require that you fill out a form. 

The following videos will walk you through the process.

Step 1 Obtain the Bond


Step 2 Serve a Letter of Intent


Step 3 Filing a Claim

Bond Request Letters -

Letter of Intent -

File a Claim -

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royslpn's picture

I was wondering if this site is still functioning? I have reached out a number of times and gotten no response at all. Thank you!

James-Matthew's picture

I need to get the email address for the people at Bonds for the win. I need help with a claim ongoing in Pinal County Arizona. I get an error message when trying to submit throught the website. For weeks now. Thanks in advance.

SeaTantrums36's picture

I like Patrick need to receive bonds of judges and a magistrate.  Nicholas Palos, Rupert V. Barry, and Javier Vargas, of Kings Family Court.
What seems to be happening is that are passing their cases to those within the courthouse who have their same ethics, which is lack 
thereof.  The crimes are straightforward: separating children from devoted parents, forbiding the practise of your religion, issuing arrest warrants
if you do not submit to their abuse, forcing parents to pay 10k and higher costs for forensic evaluators, driving parents into drug addiction and
suicidal fantasizing.   Statistics say 1/3 of 500,000 children in foster care are there due to housing insecurity.  This issue is not being handled 
as aggressively as the need.  The state is turning children into drug addicts, prostitutes and orphans.

Patrick Goodale's picture

I need to pull some bonds underneath some of these 
Judges. They need to judge only by the fundamentals
Of the constitution, and not take up any other business
where they left it.