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Where has the original Foundational Study gone!? Is it still available somewhere?  
I refer as many people to this site as will listen and I always recommend starting with that course.  But it is no longer anything like it was - which in my opinion was coherently written and put together, making it the perfect foundation for the other courses offered here.  
Thank you

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John , I talked to you last week and you went off on a mission to try and make sure I did not try to gather a jury on my own and I said nothing to that affect similar to the lady from the week prior thatkept rambling you told her the same . I want to know if I can get my cerificate with out a C O S so as to be ready ? I have completed all courses and purchased the book as ordered & the administrators hand book as instructed , done all instructed as well as taking the foundation course currently & any other thing I can learn more about how to battle these rat bastards . so any help would be greatly appreciated . thanks  DOC 

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apologies for a 2nd entering