Virginia's Call to Institute the Common Law Grand Jury


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We just constituted WVa yesterday!
call me, William, 304-237-8817 in WV

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Were you able to reach anna? if not my name is jon and im happy to do what I can. I have been working closely with anna and can pass on any messages if you need to speak particularly with her. god bless

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Meeting to be held at the Newport News Library 110 Main Street 3 pm, Sunday, June 29th
We will be constituting the following counties and townships: Hampton, Newport News, Matthews, York, Williamsburg, Surry and James City

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Although held only days after our Press Release to 40 newspapers across Virginia, we decided to have a Common Law Grand Jury meeting this past Saturday at the Staunton Public Library.

We discussed many items in regards to our constituting county and local Common Law Grand Juries, Virginia in support of an in alliance with the National Liberty Alliance.

We discussed the biblical origins of the oath and agreed that an oath can be considered a covenant to perform.

We discussed the SEAL and having a Virginia state seal

We discussed the name "Common Law" Grand Jury and we discussed other names like "Natural Law" Grand Jury and being the We the People Grand Jury of Virginia and designing a seal with this caption.

Looking forward to Thursday evening where we will meet in Spotsylvania County's SNOW Library at 6 pm this Thursday evening, June 26th.

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Does anyone know the status of the counties in Virginia? I just signed up this evening and I found out that Virginia has 95 counties and the judges are just running rampant in the courts.
Thank you,

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hello pegfeg,

Yes I am participating.. I recently received pamplets and held a meet up with anna at my groups five county south central Virginia area tonite and have been passing info to everyone I can as fast as I can numbers count and donations are very important and learn learn learn is the key word for those new to this knowledge keep in touch with anna and this site explore the info here much video, books, audio and lectures court cases and law notes .... spend much time exploring this sites info data examples of court filings.. and cases.. if you want to know something . message me here or I am in Lunenburg county but I travel all over daily in my profession. My number is listed on this site please mention why you are calling thou I ignore tons of political donations call... Yours in Liberty, Curtis

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I have stepped down as Virginia state organizer for NLA.

My reasons follow:

Freeman, have always been ‘free and independent’ living souls, self-governed in free and independent states.

Natural law respects ‘majority rule’ / if God’s people are too small a number to affect collective change, God’s people will be protected by the hand of God; but like in Egypt and like in Noah’s day, an unbelieving populace will be unprotected from a withdrawal of the Holy Spirit.

It is a body of people that form free republics – without a body of knowledgeable people; liberty cannot exist. It is impossible to enact a free republic via federal legislation or federal court decisions – and especially unnatural is the idea that you can create liberty through federal mandate, because liberty is birthed in the human heart and mind first.

Free republics are established community by community, uniting with other states or communities, due to unification on basic fundamental principles.

I am withdrawing as state organizer because NLA is, in my view, attempting to establish justice in America through the federal courts (remembering the federal courts were originally designed to solve dispute between states; not individuals). Reform of our non-functioning jury system needs to come via local and state legislation – it is not lawful for federal government to legislate without state involvement – no matter if it is enacting lawful or unlawful legislation or court decisions.

We the People must establish justice via local courts, commonwealth offices and affect jury selection and knowledge on a local level. You can’t skip this step if we hope to affect change. Establishing a functional jury system through ‘federal’ court decisions or lawsuits has no precedent. Perhaps John has found a new way to establish justice but throughout history, true revolution comes from the grassroots – from the bottom up.

I pray the effort will work to good and pray that some hearts and minds will be changed in John Darash’s efforts. But ultimately, justice rests within active individuals in their communities, counties and states. Without affecting change on a local and state level – the federal courts have no incentive to change or to hear the truth.

My latest INDEPENDENT THINKER broadcast with Dr. Vieira and Red Beckman, after the half way mark talks a little about the NLA and many will find this broadcast very interesting. For me the conversation helped me direct my focus on writing legislation for the state legislature and instigate change via established legal procedure. I am blessed to know many constitutional scholars, Dr. Edwin Vieira is only one; here in Virginia – and all insist that we must change laws on the local level.

Former Virginia Coordinator

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John I am sure I am not the lone ranger whom is Fed Up with all the interruptions from this man. I can tell from your voice on last nights call your frustration as well.
Please either mute him out or find another solution.

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County Organizers, I am the new State Coordinator. Donna Sayegh We need to become a team. I need all county organizers to be 100% committed to work. Co-coordinator is Curtis
We will need to obtain names and addresses of all judges for each county, and federal judges in the state. I'll update as I find out further information. Let me know how we can meet face to face. Donna

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Hi Donna! I'm wondering if/when the next in-person meeting is planned. I'm in Arlington County and see that there are no coordinators in the northern VA/DC Metro area. I'd be happy to step up for Arlington County.

Also, are there any members in NOVA that want to have a meeting?

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Unified Virginia Common Law Grand Jury

Post Office Box 500

Sandston, Virginia 238150

The National Liberty Alliance Workshop


The Henrico County Public Library/Dumbarton

6800 Staples Mill Road

Henrico, Virginia 23228


Saturday, October 25, 2014


10:00 a.m. Until 2:00 p.m.

10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. ………. Getting to know each other

Donna Sayegh

11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon……….. History of how we got here

Michael Nash

12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. …………. Lunch on your own

1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. ………….. How to constitute your county

Curtis Nix

2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. ………… Wrap up

Registration Fee: $10.00 Room holds only 12

Donna B. Sayegh 1st 12 to register is accepted

757-638-3759 Next Orientation will be in December

3104 Garland Drive

Portsmouth, VA 23703

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I would like to thank my brother "Curtis Nix" for stepping up to assume the responsibilities of state coordinator. I know how hard he has to work to make a living and this is a huge responsibility but I know he works best when he's under pressure.

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I am humbled and greatful for the comment Brother.. You always have my back..

With love your faithful servant and Bro. Curtis

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Dear Friends,

In our recent past many miss communications have caused a whole host of hurtful things. Feelings are easy to bruise and egos can sometimes take on their own personality.

It is my hope that from this Holiday forward with God and Country in View, all we may do today and forward, that we do it with Gods Grace, Forgiveness, Love, kindness, compassion, Patience foremost in our minds, as if he were here in front of our eyes.

Mr. Darash is continuously mentioning that we need virtue, integrity, and mercy all mingled with principles. Every one of these words deserve considerate thought as we embrace all races of people with many backgrounds difficulties from childhood, religious views, etc. etc. and on and on, but simple respect for each other and our varying degrees of skills and abilities are essential to our being able to implement our thoughts into goals and then plans of action.

Veronica our District Coordinator has Graciously provided us with the:

The IDEAL mnemonic

I - Identify the problem

D - Describe / Discuss the possibilities

E - Evaluate possible solutions in terms of time, money and effort

A - Act on a plan

L - Learn

Sticking with this plan and the NLA Mission Statement listed under the Welcome tab will be our GUIDES from here in. Please with all due diligence stay within them as one of our main goals is to expand our membership, constitute all our Counties obtain Administrators for each, acquire Seals for same and all while we print and send our mailings without a hitch and much needed funds...May we have Gods blessings and your Holiday be filled with JOY..

Yours in Service, Curtis Nix LSC

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hi Curtis, thanks for your leadership. I'm new here and would like to speak with you if you're willing. My # is 516-660-9850. 

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Hello to all, i am out in Franklin County and have finished the course and have study and read even more and i am left breathless to what i have been going through in these court's and would be open to jury duty and help other's as they learn,and would be a god sent to speak with other's that also understand the Constitution and who we are in it and what that really means, i also need help to talk over what i must now do,in order for my voice and rights to be heard the court is only actions is as if they are IGNORANT of the Supreme Laws and are forcing their choice of laws on me.with out any consent and against all objection,treating me as dirt under their feet.i have been before 3 judges the last one went as far as saying the jury has only opinion the matter he decides only and when i lose i will have to pay for jury,"then asked do you still want a jury?" i made him repeat this 3 times because of my disbelief of what he just said..this is what i found that fits this country to a tee.. Blacks Law :CONSTITUTIONAL PSYCHOPATHIC INFERIORITY habitually misbehave, and have no sense of responsibility to their fellowmen or to society as a whole. These individuals fail to learn by experience and are inadequate, incompatible, and inefficient. State ex rel. Pearson v. Probate Court of Ramsey County, 205 Minn. 545, 287 N.W. 297, 300; Wilson v. Walters, Cal.App., 112 P.2d 964.

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Floyd Cheryl 540-745-3815 disconnected

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We the Employees, the people, join together to form the, MASS.Employee Review Board (a.k.a. BOARD). We submitted a minimum of 9 certified mailing over a 45 day period and entered our claims into the court of record in The U.S. District Court for District of Columbia. GERC acquiescence, without response to our claims,  therefore have granted this BOARD power of attorney to act for all non management employees to protect the rights, advocate, represent the interest of the non management employees. The Secretary of State, Law Enforcement, and Virginia State Representatives have all been notified of the breach of trust, duty and honor and the forming of this BOARD.
Apparently, the management at GERC, have been running a pyramid scheme for approximately five years since the death of the controlling board member, James Lambert. According to several employees the scheme was discovered when managers were informing salespeople of canceled sales. When the sales people called the new owners and were told by them that:
1)     They had not canceled
2)     We told of specials from the exit team and resold for a lower sales price
Among the crimes that have been committed many employees have come forth with evidence that:
 Managers were stealing sales from Salepeople
Married managers were directing these sales to his wife.
When discovered Mrs. Manager was moved to another department, not fired.
No action was taken against, Mr. Manager
Sales employees were fired for no reason or set up to fail so that the esop retirement plan would be forfeited then go to the top of the management, friends and long time employees.
Sales from fired people are never acknowledged or paid.
Salespeople were assured employees could get RCI discounts for selling RCI accounts but never got compensated or were able to use the discounts.
 Employees were fired for unjust causes.
There is continuous harassment of salespeople to produce even when the management is bringing in unqualified tours.
Management makes money on marketing so not caring about the quality of tours and even allowing the same people to tour two and three times a year knowing there is no chance they will buy anything.
Sexual assault, harassment, death threats, and bounty for hurting employees, drug abuse and sexual assult, extortion has been done to employees.
Therefore we the MASS.Employee Review Board:
1)     Make Tort Claims  in the amount of $1,000,000.00 in real lawful money, usd per employee.  Allowing for more employees claims upon discovery and setting up a counseling center at the resort for those abused by management.
2)    First right of refusal shall be granted to MASS.Employee Review Boardto purchase the resort if any offer for the sale of Massanutten Resort is entertained or offered.
3)    RCI is to compensate $30,000.00 real lawful money, usd  Per employee for fraud and non compensation.
4)    The BOARD shall given 4 room, office with a waiting lobby and fully equipped with all office furnishing and equipment at the Resort for employees to meet the BOARD members without any recording or spying devices
5)    Daily accounting of sales and accounting of expenditures shall be supplied to the Board
6)    Forensic account of the resort from the previous 5 years
7)    Notification at the next sales meeting by July 15, 2017, introducing the Board Members and giving every non management employee copy Employee Hearing Review procedures and added to the employee handbook which will be edited by the BOARD.
8)   Written Disclosure must be supplied by management to the BOARD of all sources and amounts of income derived by themselves, their corporation, partnership and/or family members at the resort.
9)    Each employee will receive one week of paid vacation of each year of service up to eight weeks
10)        Up to 15 days paid sick leave will be available to each employee after the first year of employment
11) GERC Inc. will pay for healthcare of the employees
12)         Employees will be paid for supplying tours to visit the
resort at the same rate as any of the marketing companies
13)  BOARD will vote on compensation for themselves and management.
14) All disputes with management/employees will be brought to the BOARD for redress and remedy
Cc : Americans for Prosperity, Delegate R. Steven Landes, Delagate Ben Cline, Governor of Virginia, Secretary of STATE,  Attorney General, Workmans Compensation Commission, Massanutten Patriots, U.S District Court, Virginia State Police, EEOC

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Attorney kevin fitzpatrickof the fitzpatrick law office,PE, 4118 Leonard Dr. St 200, Fairfax,Va was twarted from his illeagal collection methods 6/26/ 2017 as he used false summons papers from the historic courthouse in woodstock, Va . He even failed to   show up at the closed courthouse for the hearing
Trying to become party to the debt he was invited to join with a 1 million dollar entry fee. We are wainting so here back from him, and feel $ is due to  his dishonor .

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Hello I am new and wondering if there is a common law court in Virginia.