Only The People Can Save America!

"I know no safe depositary of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power." Thomas Jefferson

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." Thomas Jefferson

"An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic. Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight. It is therefore imperative that the nation see to it that a suitable education be provided for all its citizens." Thomas Jefferson

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." - Thomas Jefferson -

Power of the Grand Jury - In a stunning 6 to 3 decision Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the majority, confirmed that the American grand jury is neither part of the judicial, executive nor legislative branches of government, but instead belongs to the people. It is in effect a fourth branch of government "governed" and administered to directly by and on behalf of the American people, and its authority emanates from the Bill of Rights, see United States -v- Williams.

Watch The Video Below 

If we build a Grand Jury, the people will come.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Do I have to serve when I get the call?
A: No, if you cannot participate at the time we will recycle your name, no questions asked.

Q: When I am called how long will I be needed for?
A: Usually 2-5 days, you will be given that information and the dates in order to decide weather you can participate or not.

Q: Do I get paid?
A: No, it is a duty of all people to serve through out your life as we get more people registered the less often you will be called. But you will be reimbursed for your expenses (about $30), but we are looking into changing that. There is an exception for those who chose to be an active full time or part time for administrative work which are paid positions.

Q: What do I do now?
A: Register as a Jurist by clicking the Register link at the top right side of this page. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT BY REGISTERING ON THIS SITE YOU ARE REGISTERING TO JOIN A JURY POOL. After you log in click on the "Jurist Tab" that will appear on the navigation bar above and you will see Step by Step by step instructions on what to do next, you should first finish reading this page.

"If the government can select the jurors, it will, of course, select those whom it supposes will be favorable to its enactments. And an exclusion of any of the freemen from eligibility is a selection of those not excluded. It will be seen, from the statutes cited, that the most absolute authority over the jury box that is, over the right of the people to sit in juries has been usurped by the government"; Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, page 92; 1852AD:

There are 3141 counties in the United States of America. Our goal is to educate and organize an election in your county to reinstate and initiate the Common Law Grand Jury. It only takes one person to organize the election at which all that attend are invited to join the pool. Each county should eventually find four people (administrators) who will work full time (paid positions) to administrate and orient the jurist. These four people should partnership with the four in each county throughout your state.

In reality there is only one Grand Jury within a state with locations in each county. We can draw off the jury pool from any county if necessary. When the administrators of each county come together on an issue they can use the seal of each county on an arbitration or presentment document which can produce extraordinary results.

But in order to be successful we must first seek the blessings from the "GOVERNOR OF THE UNIVERSE" and build our endeavor upon Him and His principles (1) HONOR, (2) JUSTICE, and (3) MERCY. This is the only sure foundation, any other will succumb to tyrants.

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." - John Adams

"Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants." - Benjamin Franklin

When we reinstate the Common Law Grand Jury in all the counties of a state then the people will have control of their state government. We presently have 48 States that have joined this project. To find out how watch the powerful video above. To become an organizer for your county click on "Yes" when you register to become a Jurist above.

DUTY OF THE "COMMON LAW" GRAND JURY - If anyone’s unalienable rights have been violated, or removed, without a legal sentence of their peers, from their lands, home, liberties or lawful right, we [the twenty-five] shall straightway restore them. And if a dispute shall arise concerning this matter it shall be settled according to the judgment of the twenty-five Grand Jurors, the sureties of the peace. MAGNA CARTA, JUNE 15, A.D. 1215, 52.

It is the duty of all the People to share in the governing of themselves and to secure their government by participating as a Jurist:

THINK ABOUT THIS! If we the people can reinstate Justice and demand that elected officials and bureaucrats obey the law or be indicted, we would have then succeeded in reinstating the Constitution, and save our Republic!

Only the People can stand up and defend the Constitution because the Constitution cannot defend itself, and bureaucrats will never do it WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE AND FIND OUT HOW!

"Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world." - Daniel Webster

Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” - William Pitt, Nov. 18, 1783

"I would rather be exposed to the inconvenience attending too much Liberty than those attending too small degree of it." - Thomas Jefferson

"Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know understanding. For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law. For I was my father's son, tender and only beloved in the sight of my mother. He taught me also, and said unto me, Let thine heart retain my words: keep my commandments, and live. Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth. Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee: love her, and she shall keep thee. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." Prov 4:1-7

WHAT TO DO NEXT - JOIN OUR ENDEAVOR REGISTER NOW by clicking the Register link at the top right side of this page. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT BY REGISTERING ON THIS SITE YOU ARE REGISTERING TO JOIN A JURY POOL. After you log in click on the "Jurist Tab" that will appear on the navigation bar above and you will see Step by Step by step instructions on what to do next.



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Roast several bulbs garlic (cut off tops, brush off extra covering, liberally/olive oil, sea salt, cover w/aluminum foil or glass cover), toaster oven @ 325 degrees, 1 hour, set out for 1 hour - mashed/crackers... Same time Zicam lozenges (did 1 every 2 hrs for six hours (3))- back to work next day. God Bless.

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an Esquire is a Knight's attendant. A title of nobility. An Attorn-ee is one who converts one's property to another. Attorn-ees originated as agents of the bank. The Bar and Inns of The Court are of British origin. Many many things of British origin are sinister and nefarious, as Britain is under the Vatican. America was probably Never really free from The Crown. The appearance of Independence was contrived in 1776, however, King George had his troops in America for about 10 years after. The appearance of Independence was Very important, for it would cause The People to relax and become unaware of the conquest of America thru contracts and deception foisted upon us by attorn-ees within and without government.

It is so deep in 2014, that it is, for practical purposes, impossible to comprehend the entirety of it all. The idea of holding anyone accountable for it is even more impossible to real-ize, as the doctrine of plausible deniability can be applied to conspirators going back 240+ years.

In my opinion, the only way to correct this system of fraud, deception, lies and intimidation is to amend the American Constitution by improving our Declaration of Rights, putting more definite restrictions on government by adding words like "the plain meaning of terms used herein can not be twisted and contorted by "judges" so as to debate the original intent into extinction." Also, it would be important to dissolve any "prior obligations of debt to any foreign sovereign" as this key idea is what allows the Esquires to keep Americans ball-and-chained to The Crown thru the IRS, Social Security, and Mortgages.

The constitution is, in my opinion, a bankruptcy contract, establishing a form of governance so as to extract money from Americans for the Crown. The Bill of Rights is good, my favorite being the Amendment IX. However, there needs to be clarification so as to prevent a "Supreme Court" from making law from the bench, dictating how it can be subverted and avoided by government agents. I honestly believe the Bill of Rights was truly intended to protect the "Founding Fathers" and their Posterity from the inhabitants, as they proceeded to enforce the governance and extract taxes. We've been deceived into thinking we have rights, however, if you disagree, I would suggest exercising these "rights", you will ultimately get arrested, and find out what an abyss of Legalese and Drivel is involved in applying any amendment to your defense while The State attempts to warehouse your body in a metal cage. There is plenty of case law for the prosecutor and for the defendant; the "judge" [a member of the Bar Association, Inns of the Court, (communist) American Law Institute; wearing a magicians robe soaked in blood] gets to decide your fate based on his per verted, whimsical, nefarious pleasures....... does he like you?

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I have one problem with Amendments as far as the U.S. Constitution goes. First you must be a participant. Secondly, as participant you must exercise that participation daily, not just on occasion. Thirdly, Defense of your participatory action requires an extreme measure of defense to insure that your participation is not curtailed.
Amendments, unless they have YOUR signature attached to them, are ineffective, unless they become part of your declared participation, and are implemented immediately. If you defend your participatory actions of these amendments and back down even one iota of a percentage in your defense, then you have opened yourself up to having it taken away from you.

The one thing to remember is that even your Rights are personal and if you allow ANY other person to take authority over you and takes any of those rights away, then you have given your permission to have them taken away. Those are extremely hard to get back, once you give them away. Another thing to remember is that the so-called courts in existence today operate off of Contract Law or a form of Admiralty Law. You are not a participant in either of those courts, unless you give your permission to be governed by anything they deal with. So, once you admit to being the person or name listed on a paper they hold, then you are bound to their jurisdiction. Lawfully you are NOT that name on that paper. That is a contract, they are trying to get you to participate in, and you have to give your permission to allow them to add you, as a human being, to that contract. There is nothing they can do to you, if you do not participate, except under YOUR terms, as you define them. Otherwise do not enter their arena (the fenced in area), until you establish YOUR jurisdiction in that case.

You are your own jurisdiction. WHY? Because you and you alone only know what you are going to think, say, or do. That alone gives you jurisdiction over yourself. Nobody else has that Right. Since this group deals in Spiritual Law, let's bring Genesis 1: 23-26 into view. In these verses the Being, that created man, gave commandment laws to man at that time. After creating the earth, animals, plants, and man, this Being charged man with dominion over all the plants, animals, and the Land, but not over another man. Governments and the Vatican have corrupted this law for their own means, and we as man have allowed that to happen, through man-made laws. But man was made subservient to Nature around him, and that continues to this very day. We need to stop being subservient to other men, and that needs to happen now.

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We the People under the Divine and Holy Province and Will, Mercy, Grace, and Power of God will NOT allow the blood, sweat, and tears of EVERY Veteran and Our families and friends who throughout our history were spilt as TRUE American Patriots whose countless prayers are answered now in this destined time of God's Victory!
We need not fear Armegedon or any more wars, as the only war between God and evil has been won long ago. Every major city destroyed as spoken of in the Holy Bible chapter of Revelation is occurring as Every enemy of God is brought to the same wounded knees they have long delighted bringing US to ours. It is their major egos that are being destroyed as each according to their own and the will of God shall meet their maker and cry out as have we. It is there in the darkness and isolation of the horror of their own shame that they to shall choose this day who they shall serve. As for me and my house, we serve God, Our one and only creator, and His Son, Jesus Christ. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit and the Eternal Grace of God Go I.
The Light of God surrounds Us. We are the Light! The Love of God enfolds Us. We are the Love! The Power of God protects Us. We are the Power! The Presence of God watches over Us. We are the Presence! Wherever We are, God Is! All is well with My soul! Amen!
This is an approved variation of a the Prayer of Protection poem written by Unity founder James Fillmore.
We must speak God's truth to power and HIS is the only True Power as are Our unalienable, God-given Natural Common Law rights that NO man or government shall usurp. The attorneys and judges have usurped the entire meaning of justice and God's law to make it that of their own evil doing by dismantling and making opposite every aspect of our rights and the intent of our founding Fathers who created the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These are universal rights recognized by the U.N. as human rights that our judiciary and government have destroyed fro everyone but themselves the equal protection and right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Not on OUR watch, WE The People are taking OUR Nation back from the enemies of God and liberty and we are doing so peacefully, one corrupt courthouse, judge, and attorney, politician, government employee and public servant at a time.
This is OUR government for the People, by the People, WE THE PEOPLE! and so help us God, in whom WE Trust, it is and shall be forever preserved! Amen!
I Love God, My Family and Peace on earth and good will towards ALL Nations with government for the People by the People, under God, with Liberty and JUSTICE for ALL!
In Loving Faith and service, Mary B. , First-class private in the Army of God!

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Dear Fellow National Liberty Alliance Patriots,
I am very hurt that CT took an unlawful 'vote', in which I know of myself and 3 other County coordinators who were NOT on the call and I was not told of and I was 'voted' out as Litchfield County Coordinator. This malicious attack was caused by the CT State Organizer, Pat Sachs who does not even live in CT. She is a weekender in CT. Since I have joined National Liberty Alliance I have followed every single step that has been outlined by John Darash, I have spoken to him several times on the phone. I call in on the Monday night call and have never had a problem or been told by any one I was out of line in any way. Pat Sachs intentionally did not send me the info about a bi-weekly call and i did not get the message on my answering machine she left at the last minute until 2o minutes after it had started. I was very upset. I called the show and for less than 2 minutes I spoke my mind about the lack of unity and support and I hung up. For a few weeks not one CT member called me to see if I was o.k. besides Sharon who I have been connected to by phone since I joined 4 or so months ago. Sharon has been my mentor guiding me to the sites on the NLA page and the Common Law teachers and principles she studies- giving me the direct links. I have the right to freedom of expression and I have done nothing to warrant such an inhumane and immoral, unethical and completely out of character of honor or common natural law principles, explicitly that of freedom of speech. No one reached out to me after the first March meeting in Shelton, I had a major accident and totalled my son's car on the drive home. I have been in 3.5 years of major court battles as a typical victim and I have not once exposed any CT Liberty Alliance member to any of my current court case information. I have not asked John Darash or any one in this movement for legal help or advice. I have been acting as a pro-se seeking justice in the corrupt courts not alone, but with God as my # 1 Guide. You may all say and do as you please, but I will not stop being the Litchfield County Coordinator. I have the seal and the certified documents. Come and get them and come and try and stop me from exercising my liberty and civic God given responsibilities and rights that will NOT be usurped by ANY man or government ever again. Nice try Pat and the bad guys! God already won the war!!!

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The whole contraption has devolved into a sess pool of putrid muck. Executive enforces what fits his party's [bank] agenda, not what's constitutional. Legislators vote into the Code of Statutes [non law] that which the lobbyists [bank] pay them to do. Judiciary doesnt exist for jusdicial concerns, it's simply a transmission to implement a communist [bank] police state.

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One comment. Since when did NY Law or any other State/Republic Law, for that matter, supersede Constitutional Law? Sorry two comments: Are you an American Citizen? You are, if you were born on this ground, and that was immediate. State or Republic Citizenry requires you to wait for a period of time, before you gain that status. That makes Republic Citizenry temporary, because you lose that, when you move out of that jurisdiction.

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Go thru NY with a gun. Bring your gun license from your state. Get caught. Tell them you know what the supreme law of the land is, they will let you go immediately.

FIREARMS - strawman to regulate

Arms - govt can not regulate

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Luther v. Borden (48 U.S. 1) 1843 - still a valid ruling

Enforced the Guarantee Clause of the federal constitution. Enforced the people's right to a Republic form of government. Forced the Rhode Island government to dissolve in favor of the new Republic the People created from the ground up.

Today, we have a legislative dictatorship. THEY have managed to usurp all of our inherent rights thru deceptive admiralty commercial laws & licensing, enforcing it all with an internal army called State Troopers, a violation of Lincoln's Lieber Code. Our courts are Legislative Roman Civil Law/Equity courts, operating purely by Statute. They are not judicial, they are administrative/legislated - - - there to enforce the dictatorial edicts of the legislature, who have usurped all of our rights thru licensing and codes.

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Which emails are you receiving and from whom?

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Why would you want to be removed? The emails are from John Darash and provide updates concerning recent events and issues. Removing yourself only prevents you from being informed.

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I have a file copy of the Missouri Constitution in pdf form. I would like to know how to send it to John or the webmaster to add to the Missouri documents. Will someone contact me with instructions on deliverying this document to the right people? My email is

Darrell Walton
Missouri State Coordinator

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I certainly would like to familiarize myself with the Missouri Constitution. It will certainly come in handy when we begin to form up for Missouri.

You already have my email Darrell -- but here it is again. Thank you so much.

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Each of us has a duty to ourselves, our families, our god and country to do everything we can, as citizens of this great nation. So organize your elections for a vote of the common law grand jury. Then file it with the court so we can be seated, and be heard. We very powerful when united. Lets give it our all. Thanks to those counties who have already elected and filed or are about too!

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hi Jo, I am in Orange County NY next county over from John. What does the final notice reference?

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The Great Nation of Colorado by the People is in Union with All Other Nations of Our Union whom is not repugnant to the United States Constitution of 1789. All Constitutional question must side in favor for We the People if ever in question.'s picture

01-18-2014 @ 9:56 PM - Up Studying every character on the National Liberty Alliance Website

Mr. John Darash,
Here is the Link to the Original State of Oregon Constitution =

Here is the Link to the Nevada Constitution =

KJ - Kelli Sams - Meet up with you on Monday nights 9 pm Broadcast :))

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Would you PREFACE every Monday night show at the start, with time and date for future usage.

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Good Day, Fellow Patriots! I just got off the phone with one of my comrades in CT, Sharon, who has guided me to all the correct resources and steps to take in Litchfield County to initiate a Common Law Grand Jury! I am determined to take action-per your web sites Divinely inspired massive amount of education material that I have been absorbing and studying in baby steps to bring forth the return of True Liberty and Justice for All in My State and Community! I just pledged 20.00 a month in appreciation for All the hard work You All have done, and I want to give a special shout out to John for Your obvious eternal vigilance required of All citizens of this Great Nation in order to preserve our inherent God-given Rights that are Not Free! Freedom is NOT free, and as You have implored in all of your massive amount of internet resources, WE The People must take individual responsibility to uphold our Sovereign rights as Citizens should We choose to keep them! Thank You to ALL My Beloved and Dear Fellow Comrades in Arms- God's!!! We The People truly have and will overcome all evil forces set to conquer that which God has made. Alas, they have failed and divided they fall, UNITED, WE STAND!!!

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Thanks for sharing...I will share with the Texas Group ! We need all the motivation we can get...!!! Keep up the GREAT work !

Jo Ann, better known as JAZ
Texas State Coordinator

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I am new with this concept. live in parker county, texas. would like to get hooked up. thyanks

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(The Roger) Sherman Institute is a private association of instructors who seek to provide a broad, liberal arts curriculum based on the classical standard, and a theology program centered on scripture. Students can explore a variety of major and minor study disciplines, and will leave us with a moral and nationalist perspective, along with an advanced library containing a wealth of information generally forgotten in modern academia.

Learn more at

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I read the home page and am impressed with the names mentioned...primarily, of course, Roger Sherman, one of our forgotten founding fathers and educators. However, Bob Schultz (We The People), Aaron Russo (now deceased) and many others make this institute phenomenal ! Great Find ! I put it in my favorites and will share with all of the Texas Group members. Thanks.

Jo Ann

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10 minutes is rightfully allotted to every being in assembly, Please be understanding/consenting of this process. We the People/One of the People have acknowledged order is necessary to proceed efficiently in all actions.

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Awesome!! This is also in the Judicial Code of Ethics found in the CT Judicial Practice Book and the right of a person to be heard. I have been not only fundamentally denied that right in all 5 Criminal State of CT vs Me in past 3 years and the CT Civil theft of my HUD/FHA/CHFA insured home of 18 years in which all of my fundamental rights have been denied.

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The Description/Status of the Lawful Common Law Grand Jury’s Official Seal/Embossment is not a Federal or State Seal and is self-evident. The Official Seal of the Common Law Grand Jury is a Seal of We the People/One of the People in Congregation with the highest authority under the Supreme Benevolent Creator of the Universe Only. We the People/One of the People are the Principals of all that stands directly Under the Supreme Benevolent Creator without question as self-evident described by defination.

Hearsay suggests that One of the People have been arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced to jail for impersonating, replicating, or the like a State or Federal Seal. Please address this issue; as hearsay suggests, One of the People are in bonds for a “Federal Offense”. (keywords... grand jury, state, seal...)

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Please keep the faith. Do not be afraid of the tryants. They are cowards. When you have the Tenacity to stand against them, they will run and you win. However you must educate yourself.
Knowlege will forever govern ignorance, and those who wish to be free, must arm themself with the power that knowlege gives!
I am free because I have that knowlege, and I use it!


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I agree with this..knowledge is power..

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The Tree Of Liberty Must Be Refreshed From Time To Time With The Blood Of Patriots And Tyrants.

fitzie777's picture

Preferably the tyrant's and not mine. I've already spilled (metaphorically that is) my blood, sweat, and tears.

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New Jersey Common Law Grand Jury State Organizer, Jayson Burg is hosting the state's first live, interactive teleconference call tonight 7pm to 9pm Est. Questions welcome from everyone.

Dial-In Number: 712-432-0075
Participant Code: 143013
Playback Number:  712-432-1085

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There is a movement called Operation American Spring that is calling for 10 million patriots to march on DC on May 16th. You can find out all about it at Partriots for American. com web site' or Cached

I have been thinking that to aid in our endeavor to restore our Republic, I am calling for the National Liberty Alliance 's Common law grand juries to demand that their governors stop all of our tax dollars going to the Feds...Starve the Beast, which could coincide with the OAS, like starting April 15th, national VOLUNTEER Income Tax Day! Why should we keep funding our demise???

Please check it out if not familiar with this movement and post your thoughts. Thanks

mbag1's picture

Thanks!!!! I would LOVE to be involved in this and I can't wait to reconstitute the Common Law Grand Jury in Litchfield County, CT by the end of this month, God willing, and I know He does!

fitzie777's picture

I am familiar with the date. Of course, I don't have the resources, time or money, to participate. As far as the fed is concerned, currently, they are scrambling to figure out how they are going to pay back the IOU's that are being cashed in, i.e. China, Germany. My point is, give them more rope...and let them hang themselves. There appears to be a battle at levels that are way above my comprehension. Out with the old, The Cabal, and in with the new....who that is going to be???? The timing couldn't be better with our push for the Common Law Grand Jury. Since the government agencies have been taking instruction from the Cabal (corporation), now that it is being exposed for the fraud it is, WE can again claim our rightful, lawful, authority in de jure.

Dick's picture

A group had restored The United States of America Government and this is not THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION. Their web page is Log in and take a gander. This is also a great web site organization. I am sick of the Corporation and its Dictatorship. I am 72 and the corrupt corp sent me to Viet-Nam gave me Agent Orange and after about 10 or so surgery's and living with a feeding tube I say HANG EM HIGH!